5 Home Renovations that Offer the Best Return on Investment

Posted on: December 7, 2017

Whether you are looking to upgrade your home’s function or create a stunningly beautiful design, homeowners can choose to undertake a home renovation project for a variety of reasons. One of the best reasons to invest in a home renovation is the potential for it to raise your home’s value and sale potential. At Bath, Kitchen, and Tile Center, we are committed to helping you come up with budget-conscious designs that will bring you value for your money. Here’s a look at five home renovations that offer the best ROI.

Best Kitchen Remodeling Returns

There are about as many ways to redesign a kitchen as there are people who cook in them. One of the most important rooms of the house, the kitchen can be the perfect place to highlight both design and function.  Whether you do a complete overhaul or just a $5,000 update, popular options to increase the value of your kitchen include:

Our virtual kitchen design tool can help you begin planning. Ready to start working with a professional kitchen designer? Give us a call today!

Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Improve Home’s Value

Bathroom renovations have a long, solid history of being great investments, and it’s still true today. Getting the best bang for your buck in the bathroom space of your home will come from focusing in on the practical function of the space, but also creating an attractive look. From relationship-saving dual vanities, to custom designed bathroom cabinetry and countertops, popular ways to add value to your bathroom remodel include:

Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center works with you to create a bathroom that is uniquely yours, fitting all your family’s needs and style. Call now to get started!

Should You Renovate Your Laundry Room?

One of the most essential rooms in your home, a laundry room renovation can offer a great return on investment. The benefits of renovating a laundry room are not just financial either! Smart layouts and design can help protect your home from potential flooding or fires. Great investments to make in the laundry room include:

  • Sturdy cabinets from top manufacturers such as Timberlake, Showplace, Decora, Crystal, and Yorktowne
  • Durable countertops that can handle wear
  • New washers and dryers
  • Utility sink
  • Pet cleaning station
  • Interior doors

Since 1963 Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center has been helping homeowners throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland areas. Contact us today to learn more about the laundry room updates we can bring to your home!

Basement Remodeling Offers Great ROI

A finished basement is one of the best remodeling decisions you can make to see a return on your investment. Finishing a basement can increase the value of your home significantly. Not only can you add additional bedrooms, bathrooms, and living area square footage, you can really be creative with a project like basement remodeling. Many homeowners love the addition of a wet bar to their finished basement, especially homeowners that love to entertain guests. The space can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. Wet bars can be only a few base and wall cabinets, or include beverage or wine coolers, ice makers, dishwashers, and more! Having an area of the home dedicated to entertaining is a great investment.

There are many decisions to make during a remodeling project. Choosing the right home remodeling contractor is the first step in ensuring your vision comes to life and the space has the design and function your dreamed of.

Home Offices Appeal to Young Homebuyers

If you’re preparing a renovation to make your house more attractive to buyers, investing in a home office renovation could provide a huge return, both on home value and a faster selling time.  According to the most current U.S. Census data, more than 13 million Americans work from home. This number is expected to increase due to better technology and the habits of younger workers. But home offices aren’t only helpful for those who work from home full time; one of the changes workplaces are making is implementing flexible work from home days. Having a dedicated workspace in your home can help you stay organized and productive, the value of which can be priceless.

From concept to completion, we can help you create a home office you’ll enjoy working in. Contact us to schedule your consultation today!

Top Home Remodeling Contractors in DE, MD, PA, NJ

If you’re looking to make a change in your home, it can be tempting to tackle a renovation project on your own. However, hiring the right professionals for the job provides you with the best return on your investment. Choosing to work with a professional remodeling company will save your family from stress and anxiety, and ensure that your vision comes to life (and is done right!). A licensed contractor has years of specialized experience that would be hard for you to gain in a few hours in a hardware store. To protect your investment, choose a qualified home remodeling professional.

A renovation project doesn’t need to be stressful! Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center has been helping homeowners through the home renovation process since 1963! Call today to learn more!

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