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    Choosing Granite Countertops

    Choosing Granite Countertops

    You’ve decided to remodel your kitchen and it’s time to select your granite countertops.  With so many options, where should you begin?

    First of all, there are a few things you should know about granite:

    1. Granite is porous. If you spill something like red wine, soy sauce or oil on the counter and forget to clean it up, you may have a stain on your hands that can be time-consuming and difficult to remove. The good news is that granite can be sealed against staining—more on that in a bit.
    2. If not treated with a long-term sealing product, granite will need to be resealed periodically. How long you need between each sealing job depends on your stone. A little trick: Pour water on the countertop. If the water doesn’t bead up, it’s time to reseal.
    3. Granite is priced by group or level—the more unique the color, the more expensive your countertops will be.
    4. For any granite that has a lot of movement or veining, it is highly recommended that you view your slabs in person. By doing so, you not only get a better idea of what the stone will look like in an entire kitchen, but you may also request that certain sections of the slab be highlighted or not used.

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