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Jon and Karen T.

Posted On: January 12, 2017

My husband and I have been working on remodeling our home for the last 5 years. We saved the kitchen for last knowing it would be our biggest and most costly project. A few months ago, we went to Bath, Kitchen & Tile Center in Abingdon just to browse around and try to get a rough estimate of what our kitchen remodel would cost us. When we walked in, we were immediately greeted with a warm friendly smile from Pamela Curry. Little did we know at the time, we would be spending the next several months working closely with her.

Pamela navigated us around the showroom floor and began to explain some of the many options available when remodeling a kitchen – most of which we hadn’t even begun to consider. We tentatively picked out a cabinet line, door style, hardware, and countertops from a kitchen model on the showroom floor – we loved the warm rustic feel of the display. The next thing we knew, we were having Pamela over to our home to take measurements and look at our kitchen layout so she could work up a design and estimate.

Pamela came over, took a look around, and began working her magic. She honed in on our style, likes and dislikes. She asked about our preferences, must haves, would like to haves, and vision of what our new kitchen would be like. Pamela continued to explain and offer a variety of options that were available to make sure nothing was left out. A short time later we were back in her office looking at preliminary drawings of our new kitchen. We couldn’t believe it!

Pamela’s job was far from over though. She took the time to educate us on the different products available. Like most consumers, my husband and I wanted to get the biggest bang for our buck and to have a quality product for a reasonable price. Pamela worked rigorously to make sure all of our wants and needs were met and we were completely satisfied with our kitchen and final price.

After changing our minds, what seems to have been hundreds of times, we finally decided on all of the components of our new kitchen. Pamela was so patient with us as we kept toying back and forth trying to make a decision. We apologized, thinking we were being difficult customers, but Pamela said she did not mind at all. She told us that she loved doing what she did and she just wanted us to be happy and satisfied – her actions certainly backed up her words. The next thing we knew, we were signing on our new kitchen.

Pamela arranged for our cabinets to be delivered to our home. The gentlemen who delivered them were friendly and polite; forgive me for forgetting their names. They worked hard to get each and every piece carefully into our home; not a single piece was damaged. A few days later, the cabinet installers (Mike and Willie) came to start putting our new kitchen together. Mike had graciously already stopped by and spoke with us over the phone a few times previously to help guide us when we rebuilt the walls of the kitchen. We wanted to make sure there was adequate support in the new walls for our new cabinets and though he didn’t have to, he was right there for us to make sure our project was well aligned.

Mike and Willie worked very hard to make sure everything was perfect in our new kitchen. Their attention to fine detail was astonishing. Their workflow was amazing, like a well-oiled machine. It was like they knew exactly what the other one needed or wanted without even having to say much. They went above and beyond to make sure everything we wanted and needed was completely taken care of. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

The next thing we knew, it was time for the countertops to be installed. Two gentlemen came out, again very friendly and polite; forgive me for forgetting their names. They installed the new quartz countertops with ease. There is only one seam and it is barely noticeable. I probably wouldn’t know it existed if I hadn’t watched them put it together. The countertops were the icing on the cake; I couldn’t believe our dream kitchen was finally finished.

My husband and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience while remodeling our kitchen. Pamela worked closely with us to make sure no detail was left out and we were completely satisfied. When we were worried or stressed, Pamela knew just how to put us at ease. Her kind spirit, attention to detail, and amazing talent made our experience nothing short of incredible. We are so thankful for the help and support she offered through one of the biggest projects in our home. We absolutely love our new kitchen and would not change a single thing. A huge thank you to Pamela, Mike, Willie, and the rest of the crew at Bath, Kitchen & Tile Center who helped make our dreams come true!

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