Why Should You Buy Custom Cabinets?

Posted on: September 20, 2017

Whether you’re delving into a modern kitchen remodel or new home construction, you’re going to come to the point of outfitting your new space with cabinetry. And this brings you to an important question: do you want to go with prefabricated pieces, or custom cabinetry? At Bath, Kitchen & Tile Center we’re staunch believers in going custom, of course. But why? What makes investing in custom cabinets so much more appealing? Read on to find out!

Why Going Custom Is the Way to Remodel

There’s no denying that the initial purchase of fully or semi-custom cabinetry is going to run you a bit more in the initial purchase. But custom options have a lot of huge advantages over big box store or mass manufactured options, many of which shorten the cost gap or mitigate it completely. The biggest advantages of going custom include:

  • Vastly superior design versatility. Pre made cabinets can come in a fair array of combinations and materials, but they’re still limited by availability and what’s on the shelf. You don’t want a style that’s one out of fifty, you want one that is one of a kind. Custom options allow you to tailor the size, wood or other material type, angles, colors, and much more.
  • A lot of great accessories. Do you think a cabinet equipped with a wine rack and custom stone countertops sounds like just the thing to fill your new kitchen corner spaces? You can pick and choose what you want when you go custom, no matter how bizarre or standard your interests might be.
  • Product longevity makes for a smarter purchase. If you put the price tags side by side we’d bet that in many cases the bix box option will be cheaper. At first. The problem with premade is that they tend to be of an inferior quality. Custom cabinets can serve your home for decades, even generations, for a single purchase cost. Premade cabinets, on the other hand, tend to last a lesser amount of time.
  • A more personal touch. When you choose a custom cabinet installation you choose a piece of art crafted by a professional that cares about his or her work. You can actually discuss your needs, interests, concerns, and more directly with them in most cases. Often working with premade or manufactured cabinets can leave you with little more than some measurements on a scrap of paper and a customer representative who isn’t actually all that interested or invested in your home.  

Custom Home Building Options with Bath, Kitchen & Tile Center

This is, of course, not to say that there are no good manufactured options out there. In fact there are quite a few, and many are handled by professionals that do indeed care. It’s just that by averages we tend to find custom more favorable in quality, longer-lived, and typically better suited to more unique home design.

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