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    Bockman Kitchen Remodel

    Remodeling Project Summary
    The client was looking to add new cabinets that go to the ceiling for a better look,
    as they like to entertain and have numerous parties during the summer months.
    They wanted to bump out the cooktop as well. We were able to make this happen
    for the client and they were extremely impressed with the end result.

    Yes, there was excellence in skilled labor. For this project, the designer would like
    to thank the electrician for all of the new wiring that was involved on this project.

    The main focus of detail in the kitchen was the range hood area. The client
    wanted the range hood, the island cabinets and the custom-built glass cabinet all
    in the same finish and we had to send out the range hood to have it custom color

    The designer especially likes that we did not change the layout, but instead did a
    blend of decorative details into the to create an entertaining kitchen.

    Overall Design Excellence:
    The client originally came in with her wish list and ideas for how she wanted her
    kitchen to look, which turned into the beautiful project you see before you.

    Yes, the functionality and flow matches the target audience. Without changing
    the layout, but adding a few new ideas it gave the client more storage, seating
    and flow.

    The largest challenge in this design was to create the glass custom cabinet which
    is used by the client for glassware that is used by her party goers where they get
    to select their own glass. The design called for full glass all the way around with
    working doors on the ends. This glass cabinet had numerous modifications, some
    from the factory and some created onsite with the help of our installers by
    making the side glass doors functional.

    Market Comparison:
    In the world of kitchen design with our whites and greys, we feel that there are
    enough small options added into this kitchen to make it stand out better than the

    Compared to other products in the market, the custom glass door cabinets, range
    hood, pot filler and bench seat area are out-of-the-box features in this kitchen.

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