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Countertop Fabrication

Countertop Fabrication

More often than not, your countertops are the first thing people notice when they walk into your kitchen - the material, the color and the layout can either stand out and make a statement or they can blend in depending on what look you're going for. The most important factor in designing new countertops is the countertop fabrication - this process helps determine your countertop's sheen, shape and edging as well as the overall quality of your countertop installation. Unlike most area kitchen remodeling companies, we manufacture countertops in-house, so we can personally guarantee your satisfaction and provide you with an unbeatable price. We're the only platinum DuPont dealer in the Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland area, but whether you're looking for solid surface, marble, quartz or granite counters, we manufacture counters in nearly every material out there!

Whether you just want new countertops or if you want to remodel your entire kitchen, we can create the perfect countertop for your space. Once you have selected your material and determined the exact shape and size you want for your countertops, our licensed fabricators will take it to the workshop and cut the counters to your exact specifications. We then remove your old counters and replace them with your new custom designed pieces. If you're looking for countertops with extra flair, we can do edge and splash work to give your new countertops a totally customized look. Call us today to see why more people from Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland have come to rely on Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center for their kitchen remodeling needs, including custom countertop fabrication, more than any other company in the area.

Countertop Fabrication - From Concept to Completion

Since we do all of our countertop fabrication in-house as opposed to outsourcing the process, we are able to provide you with the highest quality countertop fabrication service without having to rely on third party subcontractors. What does this mean for you? By cutting out the middle man and performing countertop fabrication in-house, we can provide quality counters made from the best materials at a much lower cost, and can produce the countertops in a much shorter time period. Since we manufacture countertops in-house, we are able to personally guarantee the quality of each and every countertop that leaves our doors.

We also offer remnant countertops.

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People throughout the Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland, have come to rely on Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center as their premier home remodeling company for countertop fabrication. Our in-house countertop fabrication experts have created thousands of custom countertops and we are looking forward to doing the same for you. We can design and install new countertops for any room of your house, making your dream kitchen, bathroom, wet bar, entertainment center or home office a reality. Call Bath, Kitchen and Tile today to learn more!