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    Kitchen Remodel Planning Guide

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    Whether designing your dream kitchen from scratch or revamping an existing one, the best remodels start with proper measurements. Here are some great tips for accurate measuring and space planning.

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    Tips for Measuring Your Kitchen

    Ensure Accuracy with the Correct Measuring Supplies – You’ll need a 25′ retractable steel tape measure, a straight edge, note pad or graph paper, pencil & eraser and a small step ladder (if possible).

    Measure Clockwise – Pick a starting point, preferably a corner – measure from that point to the end of the other corner approximately 36″ from the floor. Continue around the room (clockwise) being sure to make note of windows, doorways and proximity of distance to that corner. Make note of venting, outlets, switches, etc.

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    Measure Everything – Walls, Windows & Doors and Ceiling & Soffits

    • Walls – Measure each wall until you reach a stopping point. If it’s a window or door, measure all the way across the door (from trim to trim). Also note the width of the trim in your drawing. Continue on until you reach the corner.
    • Windows & Doors – Once you have measured all of the walls you will need more information on the windows & doors. This includes; overall door height (including trim) as well as the door swing and overall window height (including trim) as well as the distance from the floor to window. You can record these measurements in the chart in our kitchen measuring guide.
    • Ceiling & Soffits – The last step is measuring the height of your kitchen. We recommend taking the measurements in a few different areas in case the floor isn’t level. If your kitchen has soffits, you’ll want to measure the height of the soffits as well as the distance they jut out from the walls.
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    The Kitchen Work Triangle

    Choose Your Ideal Layout

    A cook typically moves between the refrigerator, sink and cooktop/oven creating a work triangle. Once you have your measurements you will develop a floor plan with one of our kitchen designers. It’s also important to keep in mind a food preparation zone. This could live on the island or on countertop space between food storage and cooking areas.

    L Shape Kitchen

    L-Shaped Kitchen

    A L-Shaped kitchen is formed of two adjacent walls. The length of the L can very based on space and shape.


    • Easy access to appliances and cooking materials
    • Ability to move freely throughout the space
    • Easy to entertain guests and food preparation


    • Spacing can become problematic
    • Not very suitable for multiple cooks
    • Corner based cabinets are often difficult to function
    • Sometimes a more challenging work triangle
    u shape kitchen

    U-Shaped Kitchen

    A U-shaped kitchen features built-in cabinetry, countertops and appliances on three sides, with the fourth side left opened.


    • Two or more cooks can operate at once
    • Great for entertaining or big families


    • Prone to traffic jams
    • Can feel cramped
    • Corner based cabinets are often difficult to function
    G-Shaped Kitchen

    G-Shaped Kitchen

    A G-shaped kitchen has four sides that resemble the letter ‘G.’ Similar to a U-shaped kitchen but there is a jut or peninsula that adds extra countertop or dining space.


    • Ideal for open floorplan homes
    • Allows cook to stay in touch with family or guests while preparing food
    • Convenient work triangle
    • Enough space to accommodate multiple chefs


    • Layout can be complicated
    • Corner based cabinets are often difficult to function
    • Limited access to main kitchen area
    galley kitchen

    Galley Kitchen

    A galley kitchen is a long, narrow kitchen that has base & wall cabinets and counters located on one or both sides of a central walkway.


    • Multiple working areas
    • Everything is easily accessible
    • Quick to clean


    • Tend to be narrow
    • Difficult for multiple people


    one wall kitchen

    One Wall Kitchen

    A one-wall kitchen all of the cabinets, countertops and work areas are arrayed along one wall.


    • Conserves space
    • Provides storage
    • Inexpensive


    • Busy & cramped
    • Not good for multiple cooks
    • Lower resale value
    • Limited storage space

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