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    Custom Yellow Kitchen Cabinet Remodel Bel Air, MD

    Eclectic Remodel with Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

    The customer wanted a completely unique, custom, eclectic space that matched the rest of the
    custom home. The main obstacle that had to be overcome was the custom yellow cabinets. The
    designer went back and forth with the cabinet manufacturer (Yorktowne) for 10 weeks sending
    color samples to get the right color. After the homeowner had already approved the custom
    color on the door sample, 4 weeks before the scheduled delivery the cabinet manufacturer
    wouldn’t paint the cabinets because there was too much white in the yellow kitchen and the paint was
    showing through.

    The homeowner then flew to the east coast to pick out two final paint
    samples Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, Yorktowne then agreed to paint the cabinets
    because they had a black pigment instead of white pigment. After all of this trouble, it only
    ended up delaying cabinet delivery 7 days. The countertops are Coarse Carrara Quartz. The sink
    is Kohler Sterling Kitchen Sink. Hickory Hardware and a Moen Faucet. This kitchen is completely
    different than anything else, the pictures speak for themselves. Everything is fresh and new.
    One thing that is unique and special about the kitchen is the ethereal white wall splash. The
    customers were extremely satisfied with this unique, eclectic space. We received the project
    when the space was a complete shell and that is why there are no before pictures displayed.
    Ability to meet challenges.

    As described above, the biggest challenge was the custom yellow paint for the cabinetry. The
    obstacle was meant by going through numerous different paint colors and finally finding a
    combination that had a black pigment as opposed to a white so the wood from the cabinets
    would not show through. Another obstacle was covering the HVAC beside the refrigerator. This
    obstacle was meant by ordering a custom filler to hide it. Lastly, the size of this space was
    challenging. It is a very small space in an old bungalow home, can barely be considered a galley
    kitchen. Working to optimize the flow of this space had its challenges but was overcome with
    cooperative homeowners and years of kitchen design experience. There were not many other
    challenges because the space was a complete shell and gave the designer a blank canvas to
    work with.

    Floating Kitchen Shelves Craftsmanship

    Excellence in skilled labor is displayed throughout this custom kitchen starting with the floating
    shelves that were custom-made by the homeowner himself. The floating shelves are made of
    custom wood and glass that is tinted green and blue. They can also be found in the living room
    of the home. The Yorktowne cabinets were done in a custom yellow paint color to match the
    wallpaper that is displayed throughout the entire house (shown in photo 5). The yellow
    cabinets also matched with the yellow tile in the home’s bathroom. A custom piece was
    ordered to cover the HVAC duct to the right of the refrigerator. The whole space is obviously
    notable and different. The pictures speak for themselves.

    Matching Cabinet Colors to the Home

    The overall aesthetics do meet the original needs and goals of the client. The client wanted a
    completely unique and eclectic space and the design delivers. Another main goal of the
    customer was to incorporate the yellow that is found in their bathroom tiles, furniture, and
    wallpaper throughout the house. This goal was met with the complete custom yellow cabinetry
    that matches their bathroom tile exactly. Challenges with design included optimizing the very
    small space and the hunt for the perfect yellow. The size was addressed with design expertise
    and the yellow was addressed by combining multiple colors until they found the right one.


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