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    KOHLER® Plumbing Fixtures in Delaware, MD, PA & NJ

    Are you remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, or wet bar? Does your sink need to be upgraded to a more user-friendly device? Is your kitchen sink not deep enough to accommodate your needs? When completing a remodel, plumbing fixtures are a huge factor in the design. KOHLER® offers faucets, showers, sinks, bathtubs and toilets that can shape the way your remodeling project turns out. 

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    At Bath, Kitchen & Tile Supply Company’s KOHLER® showrooms, our kitchen and bathroom design experts will help you select & price everything from sinks to toilets.  Throughout Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, our customers have come to rely on us to design and supply their kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects.

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    KOHLER® Sink Showrooms

    When considering a new sink, functionality should influence the design you choose. A sink can serve as an accent for a kitchen or bathroom as well as a functional item. A well-designed sink gives homeowners the chance to let their creativity show. Visit a Bath, Kitchen & Tile Supply Company KOHLER® sink showroom so you can pick the perfect KOHLER® sink for your needs. 

    KOHLER® Faucet Showrooms

    When choosing a new KOHLER® faucet, there are a number of things to consider based on where the faucet is going to be. For example, when choosing a kitchen sink faucet, you need to consider how it will fit into the grand design. 

    KOHLER® Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures 

    For bathroom remodeling projects, Bath, Kitchen & Tile Supply Company KOHLER® Showrooms offer a variety of toilets, showers, and bathtubs to suit any style. Looking for a custom designed shower to help you destress after a long day at work? Or a whirlpool style bathtub for ultimate relaxation? Whatever yours or your client’s bathroom remodeling needs are, Bath, Kitchen & Tile Supply Company’s KOHLER® Showrooms can help you.

    Choose Your KOHLER® Bathroom Fixtures 

    No matter what stage of the remodeling or build process you’re in, we can help. If you already have plans and are just looking for plumbing fixtures to fit your bathroom design and budget, take a tour of one of our KOHLER® showrooms.  We have convenient locations in Wilmington, Delaware, Lewes, Delaware and in Bel Air, Maryland so you can see our KOHLER® faucets, showers, sinks, bathtubs and toilets in person.

    Visit Our Showrooms

    Bath, Kitchen & Tile is a leading supplier of cabinets, appliances, tiles and other fixtures for your bathroom or kitchen remodel. With bathroom and kitchen showrooms across Delaware and Maryland, you can visit us throughout the week to move your project forward. We offer a competitive price guarantee, making us the preferred local supply source by homeowners and contractors. Contact us for more information!