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    Monogram appliances are expertly engineered to take on any culinary aspiration. Explore Monogram premium-grade appliances here or visit one of our Monogram showrooms in Delaware or Maryland. 

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    The Reinvented Professional Monogram Range

    Monogram appliances set out to make the mark of luxury that you can see and feel. Monogram elevates their kitchen appliances by using luxurious materials such as brass. Brass is one of the most popular luxury finishes in high-end kitchen hardware, faucets, and lighting fixtures. The rich gold color incorporated on Monogram ranges, cooktops, and stoves is notoriously associated with luxury and is often the go-to choice for creating premium kitchen design aesthetics. Monogram cooktops are designed for versatility and come with a variety of configuration options.

    Monogram ranges offer homeowners in DE, MD, NJ & PA precision cooking options with a full spectrum of heating options. Monogram stoves offer a versatile gas burner configuration which includes two 23,000 BTU multi-ring brass burners and dual-stack burners, allowing heat settings to go from a gentle simmer to an intense flame. The industry-exclusive TrueTemp™ burner on Monogram cooktops offer consistent, precision temperature management and also works with Hestan Cue™ cookware, helping you amplify your cooking experience with Monogram ranges. Monogram stoves come in a variety of sizes to fit into any kitchen design.

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    Smart Monogram Appliances

    Powered By SmartHQ™

    Use your Monogram appliances in a smarter way. Preheat your Monogram oven using voice control or check how much time you have left in your Monogram dishwasher cycle with your phone. Feel at ease when you leave the house. Did you leave your Monogram refrigerator door open or did your Monogram dishwasher spring a leak? Monogram appliances will send you an alert notification. Did you leave your Monogram oven on? Use the SmartHQ™ app to turn your Monogram oven off.

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    Monitor and control <small>your Monogram appliance from anywhere.</small>

    Voice control <small>with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.</small>

    Precise temperature control your Monogram range <small>with TrueTemp™ burner and Hestan Cue™ connected cookware. </small>

    Monogram Refrigerators in DE, MD, PA & NJ 

    Monogram refrigerators are expertly engineered down to the finest detail. From precision-machined door bins to showcase LED lighting, Monogram premium refrigerators go beyond superior food freshness with innovative features. Homeowners, contractors, and builders can custom panel Monogram refrigerators to match the kitchen cabinetry or choose a stainless steel finish to complete your luxury kitchen design in DE, MD, PA & NJ. Distinct features of Monogram refrigerators include:

    • Precisely machined metal door basins.
    • Smart appliances. 
    • Spotlight LED lighting.
    • Spill-proof, adjustable shelving.

    Monogram Showrooms in Delaware and Maryland

    If you’re looking to replace old, outdated, and inefficient kitchen appliances with something newer and sleeker, Monogram appliances are an excellent choice. Monogram is a leading manufacturer of high-quality cooking, refrigeration, and dishwashing equipment with a reputation for offering energy-efficient and stylish systems.

    At Bath, Kitchen, and Tile Supply Company we can walk you through our selection of Monogram kitchen appliances to help you find the best fit for your kitchen and seamlessly integrate your new Monogram appliances into the kitchen design. Let us help you maximize functionality with the latest in Monogram appliances. Call today (302) 992-9210 or schedule a kitchen design consultation.

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