BLANCO is a global, family-owned company known for producing high quality, innovative sinks and faucets. Originally formed in 1925, BLANCO now has over 40 million kitchen sinks and has been the recipient of numerous design awards, such as the Red Dot Design Award. The manufacturer uses safe, environmentally friendly materials for its products and also offers functional accessories to match its sink designs.

Benefits of BLANCO Sinks

When you choose BLANCO kitchen sinks, you’ll benefit from:

  • A large variety of designs, materials, and installation styles to choose from
  • The highest quality, most innovative products
  • Sustainable, water-saving features
  • A line of matching kitchen accessories
  • BLANCO’s warranty program (varies per product)

BLANCO Kitchen Sinks

BLANCO sinks are an elegant, practical choice in any kitchen design with multiple styles available upon request.

BLANCO Sink Materials

  • SILGRANIT® II is 80 percent granite and known to be extremely hard and durable. It’s resistant to heat and staining (even from wine or pasta sauce), as well as scratches and dents. Kitchen sinks made from SILGRANIT® also feature the Hygienic Plus formula, which maximizes food safety.
  • Stainless steel BLANCO sinks are built to the highest manufacturing standards from only premium grade materials. They are featured in the STEELART™, PERFORMA, WAVE, and SUPREME collections and come with a signature finish made exclusively in Germany—the Satin Polished finish. A high level of polishing results in a luxurious, smooth look that’s also sanitary and easy to clean.
  • Fireclay is the latest material in BLANCO’s line of kitchen sink designs. BLANCO crafts its Fireclay sinks using artisan hand-finishing techniques and high-firing temperatures, resulting in a completed product that’s durable and shock-resistant. It can withstand heavy use and is resistant to scratching, staining, and chipping. Fireclay does not rust or fade with time.

BLANCO Sink Design

You can install BLANCO sinks using different techniques to accomplish different looks. Consider the following:

  • Color options range from black metallic to white to shades of beige and brown.
  • Shapes include circular, rectangular, and curved.
  • Bowls can be undermounted or topmounted, and you can choose to have as little as one or as many as three.
  • Sizes vary per design family—some have as many as 37 models available. Most are built to fit in both standard and custom cabinet designs.

BLANCO Faucets

BLANCO faucets were built to match the company’s SILGRANIT® and stainless steel sinks, in terms of both quality and style. They are available in over 100 shapes, sizes, and colors, making customization easy. Additional features are also available to suit your needs—from eco-friendly models that conserve water to ceramic disc cartridges working to prevent leaks. For added convenience, you can also choose models with pull-out sprays or swivel aerators.

BLANCO Sink Accessories

BLANCO offers an extensive selection of sink accessories to enhance style and functionality. Complete your sink design with:

  • Compost systems
  • Sink grids
  • Soap dispensers
  • Strainers and drain covers
  • Colanders and cutting boards

BLANCO Sink Installation in DE, PA, NJ & MD

Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center has extensive experience in kitchen design and remodeling, and can seamlessly integrate BLANCO sinks into any home. We have been serving the Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland areas since 1963 and have built a reputation for detailed, careful, and professional craftsmanship, as well as attentive customer support. All of our products are of the highest quality, including our BLANCO sinks, and we are happy to walk you through the selection process in detail at your convenience. To schedule your initial consultation for BLANCO sink installation in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Maryland, contact us today. We look forward to working with you!

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