Backsplash Design & Installation in Delaware, MD, PA & New Jersey

A custom backsplash is one relatively easy project you can tackle to give your kitchen a new look. Not only is a backsplash a fun design feature, it also adds functionality to your working kitchen. They are easy to clean and catch spills and splatters, protecting your walls. With all of the options out there, you can design, plan and install one over a weekend.

If you need help designing and installing a backsplash in Delaware, give the pros at Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center a call or visit our showrooms! You can choose your materials and get help from remodeling professionals. Contact us now!

Start By Choosing Your Backsplash Tiles

Before you start buying materials, take a look at all of the options out there. Tiles come in many different styles and materials, so you have a lot of choices to make. Some of the most popular tile styles are:

  • Glazed ceramic
  • Unglazed ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Granite
  • Tumbled stone
  • And much more!

You might want to pick up some samples and try them out against the wall where you will be installing the backsplash. Once you’ve made your selection, it’s time to do some measuring. You’ll need to know how many tiles to buy and how much adhesive you’ll need. Figuring out the square footage is fairly simple. Just measure the length and width of the area you’ll be covering and multiply the two numbers. That will give you a rough estimate.

Design Your Kitchen Backsplash

To make sure you have enough tiles, you’ll want to lay them out before you actually secure them in place. This will also allow you to check placement and make sure everything is level. It will also reveal any tiles you need to trim to ensure a good fit. After you’ve laid out the backsplash and made sure everything looks good, you’re ready to get started.

Kitchen Visualizer

Buy Installation Materials

If you live in Delaware, be sure to stop in at Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center to get everything you need. You can find tons of tile options and expert help to guide you through the installation. You can even get a quote if you’re not sure about doing it yourself. Once you have the following materials, you’re ready to go:

  • Tile cutting tools
  • Laser
  • Level
  • Trowel
  • Tile adhesive
  • Grout
  • Measuring tape
  • Grouting sponge
  • The tiles you’re installing

Follow these simple steps to install your new backsplash:

  1. Apply the tile adhesive. It may need to be mixed up from a powder before you can apply it. Follow the directions for the specific adhesive you’ve purchased.
  2. Install the tiles. Use plastic spacers if the tiles don’t have lugs.
  3. Wait for the adhesive to set and then apply the grout. 
  4. Clean the tiles as you go, being careful to avoid wetting the grout.
  5. Caulk the ending seams.
  6. Clean up.

Install a Backsplash in Your Delaware Home

For help with your next tiling project in Delaware, contact us at Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center. We can help with everything from design to installation. Call now!


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“Although we have given this project a rating of 10 in all areas, we would like to give our thanks and appreciation to our designer Joel and installer Andrew (and crew) for the excellent job they did in remodeling our bath.  It was truly a pleasure working with them from beginning to end."

- Ron and Judy