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    The Best Tiles for Your Kitchen Floors

    The Best Tiles for Your Kitchen Floors

    Your kitchen is one of the most high-traffic areas of your home, so it only makes sense to invest in flooring that can withstand daily wear and tear. From moisture and slip resistance to high durability and low-maintenance features, you’ll appreciate a wide variety of unique tile options for your floor. When considering an upgrade, it’s nice to keep new tile trends in mind as well.

    Whether you cook frequently or opt for takeout most nights, you’ll want attractive kitchen flooring that has all the best features for your lifestyle. We’ll help you narrow your selection by discussing the distinct characteristics of stone, vinyl, ceramic, wood and porcelain tiles. 

    What to Consider When Buying Tile for Kitchen Floors

    Your kitchen floor tile should have all the qualities you need depending on your lifestyle. Many types of floor tiles offer a variety of desirable features for contractors, builders or homeowners:

    • Hardness: The hardness level of your floor tiles is vital because the higher the hardness, the more resistant to scrapes, scratches and dents the kitchen floor will be.
    • Moisture-resistance: A nonporous, moisture-resistant tile does wonders in a kitchen. The nonporous qualities also promote hygiene since they better fend off germs and bacteria. 
    • Slip-resistance: If you have small children, a slip-resistant tile can be a safe addition to the kitchen by quickly absorbing moisture from spills. This type of tile may be ideal for families and large households hoping to reduce falls and accidents. 
    • Maintenance: Some tiles have a distinct look, though they require a higher level of care. If you don’t have the luxury of time or you’re expecting frequent messes, a low-maintenance tile is ideal. You also have many durable, attractive options if you have more time to invest in caring for your flooring.
    • Installation: Each tile option has a different level of installation difficulty. Certain kinds require expert installation, while other types of tile are more DIY-friendly.  
    • Budget: Of course, you’ll need to decide how much you can spend on your tile project before choosing the right type for your kitchen. You might have other home remodeling projects, so choosing the right tile is essential to stay within your budget. 

    Whether you live on your own or have a large family, there are various factors to consider before purchasing kitchen floor tiles. 

    Best Tiles for Kitchen Floors 

    There are numerous options for kitchen tiles — below, we’ll dive into porcelain, vinyl, ceramic, wood and stone tile characteristics so you can get a better idea of how the material will function in your kitchen. 


    Due to its tough and water-resistant qualities, porcelain makes a popular kitchen and bathroom flooring choice for homeowners, builders and contractors. Enjoy the numerous benefits of porcelain tile in your kitchen:

    • Highly durable: Porcelain floor tile contains a mixture of sand and minerals. Combined with heat and pressure, this mixture creates a rigid and dense floor tile that can withstand heavy foot traffic. 
    • Stain-resistant: Glazed porcelain is one of the most stain-resistant types of tiles due to its low porosity. It’s a safe choice for homeowners who regularly experience spills in the kitchen, and it comes in various colors.
    • Hygenic: Porcelain tile makes a healthy addition to any kitchen due to its hardness and low porosity. You’ll appreciate a surface that’s easier to clean when you have pets or children, and its nonporous quality makes it combative towards germs and bacteria.

    Porcelain’s installation process requires special tools and expertise, making it slightly less DIY-friendly. However, it’s relatively easy to maintain — all you need is a nonabrasive floor cleaner to care for your porcelain tile.  


    Stone tiles such as slate, granite, limestone and marble can make excellent choices for kitchen flooring because of these qualities:

    • Low porosity: Granite tile is one of the most popular choices for kitchen flooring due to its low porosity. This makes granite tile great for households who experience daily messes. 
    • DIY-friendly: Stone tile is easy to install for those looking for a DIY-friendly flooring project, though it requires a sealant to better protect the surface from dents and spills. 
    • Distinct look: Stone tile might be on the higher end for your flooring project, though its colors and unique markings vary between each piece you use. Marble tile is highly sought after due to its fascinating patterns and colors for a distinct kitchen aesthetic. 

    As for maintenance, you’ll need to care for your stone tile carefully by sweeping and vacuuming it regularly. If you don’t have the time to care for it, you might want to look for a more low-maintenance tile to match your lifestyle. You’ll also want to ensure you have your stone tile resealed every decade or as needed to continue appreciating its benefits.


    Found in most colors, ceramic makes a versatile and durable option for kitchen flooring:

    • Convenient installation: Ceramic tile is easy to cut and install since it’s so soft. Because of this, it can be slightly more prone to damage than other types of tile. 
    • Hypoallergenic: Though it’s more porous than porcelain, the glazing on ceramic tile makes it great for combatting kitchen spills or splashes. It also contains no allergens, so dirt, pollen and dust won’t penetrate its surface, making it safe and healthy for your family. 
    • Affordable: Ceramic can make quite the affordable flooring option for your kitchen project, depending on color, durability and style. At the low end, you can expect to pay just $0.49 per square foot to appreciate the numerous benefits of ceramic tile. 


    Wood tile makes an eco-friendly and low-maintenance flooring option compared to natural hardwood. Once installed in your kitchen, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits of wood tile:

    • Scratch-resistant: Wood tile is tough and durable, so it will resist scratches, unlike hardwood.
    • Stylish options: Wood tile looks like the real thing and comes in various styles and colors. It’s also much more cost-efficient than hardwood and stone tile. 
    • Easy maintenance: Unlike hardwood, wood tile is waterproof, so it’s stain-resistant and easier to clean. It’s also highly durable and requires less maintenance than stone tile. 


    Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

    Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) makes another excellent kitchen flooring option. You can enjoy several benefits of vinyl once installed in your home, including:

    • Moisture-resistant: Vinyl is one of the most moisture-resistant flooring materials you could install in your kitchen. Since you’ll experience steam, splashes and spills in the kitchen, you can expect vinyl to fare well over time, making it a highly practical choice for your home. 
    • Easy to install: Vinyl is easy to install and maintain. It can come in rolls or tiles for quick installation, and it’s a highly affordable option if you’re working with a budget.
    • Comfortable: Compared to other flooring options, vinyl is soft and warm underfoot. You’ll appreciate a comfortable surface to walk on and soft flooring while cooking in the kitchen for an extended period. Cups and plates will have a softer landing if accidentally dropped on vinyl, and you’ll have fewer messes and damage.

    Bath, Kitchen and Tile Solutions 

    You’ll need high-quality materials from a supplier you can trust for your kitchen remodel. At Bath Kitchen and Tile, we carry an array of durable tile flooring to match your lifestyle. We also have kitchen cabinetscountertops and appliances, to make your kitchen a highly functional and comfortable place for cooking and enjoying family time. 

    To start your kitchen renovation, browse our extensive tile flooring options, from stone and ceramic to porcelain, vinyl and wood. 

    Some customer favorites for kitchen remodels include:

    • Dimensions Elementa Glowing Ember: This vinyl tile provides a comfortable and gorgeous flooring option for your kitchen. Our Congoleum vinyl flooring is certified for healthy indoor air quality, 100% waterproof and easy to care for.
    • Creekwood White: This tile is a neutral option for a farmhouse or minimalist kitchen aesthetic. With wood, you get a stylish, scratch-resistant surface that’s easy to maintain and great for busy homeowners. 
    • Bianco Carrara Marble: This flooring is both hardy and stylish. When you opt for stone tile, you’ll enjoy fascinating and unique markings with every piece you install. 

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