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    Kitchen Design Trends for 2024

    Kitchen Design Trends for 2024

    Whether you’re looking to increase your home’s value, create a more functional space or update its look, there are many reasons to remodel your kitchen. Many homeowners turn to interior design trends to grab some ideas.

    If you need design inspiration for your kitchen, look no further. Explore our new kitchen ideas for 2024, including color schemes, backsplashes and countertops.

    10 Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2024

    For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. From cooking meals to entertaining friends and family, a kitchen fulfills many needs. It deserves a design that reflects your taste. Here are 10 kitchen design trends that can make your space stand out.

    1. Multifunctional Kitchen Spaces

    Kitchens are natural gathering spaces. More people are embracing the idea of turning their kitchens into multifunctional areas that serve a greater purpose than being the place to cook.

    For instance, putting a desk in your kitchen and creating a study area is a great way to make the most of your space. Try to make the study area cohesive with other kitchen design elements using a similar finish and color scheme.

    2. Partitions

    Open floor concepts have trended over the past several years, but there’s something about partitioning a room that gives it a cozy and intimate feel. A glazed partition can make your space its own without interfering with light or overall cohesiveness. 

    A partition offers privacy and allows you to contain cooking smells within the kitchen area. An open partition serves as a chic and functional room divider, enabling a cozy yet airy feel.

    3. Mindful Shelving and Putting Things on Display

    Many 2024 kitchen design trends explore new display possibilities. For instance, curved shelving, statement lighting fixtures and cabinets with glass windows can all add depth and interest to your space. Your kitchen should be fun and interesting, so why not experiment with unique displays and accent pieces this year?

    Get creative with the items you display in your kitchen. You can experiment with colors, materials or textures to make your kitchen feel unique and wholly your own. 

    4. Smart Technology

    As technology evolves, having a smart kitchen can take your cooking, cleaning and housework to the next level. You can connect appliances to your Wi-Fi and control them through your smartphone. 

    From voice-activated appliances to touchless faucets and smart cookers, there are limitless possibilities for you to create a more seamless and convenient kitchen. Besides saving tons of time, most smart appliances are more energy-efficient than their standard counterparts.

    5. Creative Backsplashes

    Many homeowners are swapping traditional white tiles for slab backsplashes and backsplashes with unconventional geometrics. A slab backsplash contains one large piece of material, such as marble, quartz or granite. You can use it as a stylish accent piece to offset a bold color or pattern. You can also match your backsplash to your countertop.

    Slab backsplashes are visually pleasing and practical. The lack of grout lines makes them quick and simple to clean. You can get the look of natural stone, but creamy neutrals and grays also remain popular options. 

    If you’re one for unique shapes rather than traditional squares and rectangles, classic and vintage hexagon tiles are coming back into style. Colorful mosaic tiles can give your kitchen a unique flair. You can even use a glass panel backsplash to add warmth and open up your space.

    Homeowners are also shifting from matte to gloss backsplash finishes. Aside from being easy to clean, glazed tile creates a stellar light reflection for a standout kitchen, regardless of the color you choose.

    6. Appliances in Drawers and Concealed Storage

    Elevate feelings of spaciousness by strategically storing your items. You can store appliances in drawers to free up valuable kitchen space and maintain your kitchen’s aesthetic. For instance, installing a microwave drawer can save countertop or overhead storage in your kitchen, and placing garbage cans inside a cupboard can preserve your design aesthetic. 

    7. Ancillary Spaces

    Ancillary spaces — areas that support the function of primary spaces — are on the rise for kitchen storage. Ancillary spaces in kitchens might include concealing a pantry into its own room or housing everyday essentials in a mudroom to keep them out of the kitchen. You may also experiment with the concept of a prep kitchen, which is a space immediately accessible from your kitchen that offers an additional work zone. Prep kitchens are visually concealed from the main kitchen area. You may install a countertop in your walk-in pantry or place a countertop and sink on one side of a partition, with the main kitchen area on the other. 

    8. Large Islands

    Homeowners are gravitating toward large islands for kitchen dining and entertaining instead of formal dining rooms. Installing a large island is a unique way to redefine your space. A large island can turn your kitchen from a space used purely for cooking into a gathering space for family and friends.

    Social kitchens are a major trend, and large islands help create this style. Adding more seats and bar stools around the island — along with a drink cart or a home bar — is a great way to bring the festivities into the kitchen.

    9. Warm Colors 

    Kitchen cabinet colors for 2024 are shifting away from Scandinavian minimalism, monochromatic palettes and white farmhouse-style kitchens. Instead, homeowners are embracing warm pops of color with saturated and organic tones becoming more prominent in kitchens. 

    Natural light and dark wood tones are replacing all-white cabinets. White and gray remain trendy choices, but warm grays and creamy off-whites are often preferred to stark and muted tones. Homey browns, yellows, reds, oranges and greens can create a welcoming and comforting space for walls, so choose a color scheme that encapsulates your aesthetic.

    10. Natural Elements

    Homeowners often look for creative ways to bring nature into their homes. That’s why natural and organic materials are becoming popular in 2024. Wood cabinetry and natural stone countertops are merely a few examples.

    While quartz remains a staple for many countertops, colorful quartzites and marble are popping up on backsplashes, countertops and range hoods.

    Organic elements like wood and marble are emerging in large kitchen items and small accents alike. Think wooden storage containers, wooden utensils, glass bowls and wooden plates.

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