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    Kitchen Color Trends for 2023

    Kitchen Color Trends for 2023

    If you’re considering color schemes for a kitchen makeover, you may want to think about which trending modern kitchen colors will best match your home’s unique design and aesthetic. To freshen up your kitchen and incorporate new colors, you can do a complete overhaul of the space or make more subtle changes to your cabinetry, countertops, appliances and accessories. 

    You have endless opportunities when choosing a color scheme for your home. You might go for a no-paint look on the walls with dark countertops, or you may aim for something with a little more color, like green and navy cottage-style cabinets. To get the ideas going, here are some of the most popular kitchen color trends for 2023. We also have the top kitchen cabinet stain colors for this year in another blog post.

    Natural Greens

    Natural green colors are one of the most popular kitchen color trends in 2023. Natural greens are a popular modern kitchen color because they are versatile and offer a variety of color combinations and various undertones. Greens can also represent growth and stability and bring a touch of nature into your home. Light, organic greens can create a calm environment, and darker shades of green can offer a bold, dramatic and sophisticated feel. For example, you can choose moss-colored kitchen cabinets that go well with marble or natural stone countertops and warm wood or metal appliances. 

    You can also use subtle greens like sage or olive to liven up your kitchen cabinets or accent your wood countertops. Maybe you want to get creative with your cabinet design and accentuate natural green cabinets with soft pink-colored kitchen appliances and accessories. You can make your kitchen look more modern by pairing hues of green, like mint green cabinets, with gray light fixtures or by overlapping your green cabinets with various gray kitchen cabinets. 

    Warm Colors

    Warm earth tones like reds and browns are trending kitchen colors in 2023. Warm colors offer various undertones and complement light and dark colors like light blues and bold greens. With warm beige or tan undertones, you can create a relaxing and rustic kitchen feel. You can combine warm neutral colors like cream-white walls and warm gray kitchen cabinets with accents of natural woodwork countertops and shelves to create a cozy and inviting kitchen. 

    Blush beige, warm taupe and muddy ivory are popular warm neutral kitchen colors that offer a soothing and comfortable feel to your home. Accent your white walls and stone countertops with blush beige kitchen cabinets, or create harmony with cream white cabinets, greige backsplash tiles or gray kitchen appliances. Warm neutrals and earth tones offer endless opportunities to transform your kitchen and give you the subtle and fresh change or remodel you want. 

    Black and White

    Black and white kitchen designs are popular as ever in 2023. This color combination offers a classic look. White is one of the most popular kitchen colors, providing a crisp and spacious look. Use variations of white shades to lighten up and revitalize your kitchen space, and add black accents to give you a bold focal point. To enhance a mostly white kitchen design, you can use black generously throughout your kitchen and add natural wood and metallic accents. 

    For example, you can accent your white kitchen walls with cream and white backsplash tiles before installing black kitchen cabinets, a dark kitchen island and dark appliances to give your kitchen depth. Black cabinets can make your kitchen striking, especially when paired with contrasting backsplash tiles and warm wooden countertops. 

    Black and white kitchen designs provide a timeless look that complements numerous patterns and colors like green, gray, wood tones, metallics and warm earth tones. 

    Dark Gray

    Dark grays are timeless and a popular 2023 kitchen color trend. Dark gray kitchen accents offer a neutral and classic look. You can remodel your current kitchen design with dark gray accents like gray cabinets, worktops and appliances. You can also create a unique dark gray kitchen design with various aesthetic color accents like green, blue and pink. 

    Dark Gray

    Dark grays offer harmony, warmth and endless kitchen design opportunities. Use various contemporary color accents like white and cream in your dark gray kitchen to promote a calm aesthetic, or implement contrasting colors like pink and green to revitalize your kitchen space. You can accent your dark gray kitchen cabinets with a white stone worktop and backsplash tiles to offer light, and finish with natural wood accessories for a balanced color scheme. 

    You can accent warm gray kitchen walls with natural green tones like sage or musk kitchen appliances. For a harmonized and modern kitchen design, you can pair dark gray kitchen cabinets with light gray kitchen accessories and appliances like a fridge and bar stools. 

    Vintage Colors

    Vintage colors like navy blues, sunshine yellows and dusty browns are popular colors for kitchens in 2023. Vintage color schemes can take you back to memories of your childhood home and can help you create a unique and vibrant kitchen feel. You can use a variety of vintage color palettes to create a unique and modern vintage kitchen design. To revitalize the old-school cottage look, pair your white walls with navy blue cottage kitchen cabinetry designs, white stone countertops and stainless steel breakfast stools. 

    You can also go for a bold vintage color scheme like sunshine yellow pallet tones. For example, you might pair yellow cabinets with white countertops and metallic kitchen accessories like taps and cabinet handles. You can add vintage color contrasts to your kitchen with light yellow or blue accessories like wood cottage-style kitchen dressers and breakfast chairs. You may also pair green cabinets with natural wood countertops or green cabinets with blue, natural wood and white kitchen accessories to create a rustic cottage feel. 

    No Paint

    One of the most sought kitchen color trends in 2023 is natural wood tones. Wood offers a rich and natural look. You can choose between various textured wood countertops, cabinets and accessories to accent contemporary or rustic kitchen design. 

    Complement your white walls and backsplash tiles with dark wood cabinet designs and cream countertops for a warm and cozy kitchen feel. You can also choose natural light wood cabinets to accent dark or light kitchen appliances and accessories for a crisp and spacious kitchen design. Another option is to mimic natural wood designs with various brown cabinets and accessories. 

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