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    A Guide to Cabinet Door Styles

    A Guide to Cabinet Door Styles

    If you are remodeling or designing your kitchen’s layout, it’s essential to consider cabinetry. With a wide range of exterior designs, sizes and frames, you can complement any aesthetic you have in mind for your dream kitchen.

    Look at the following cabinet styles to find the best choice for your home.

    How to Choose the Right Cabinet Style for Your Kitchen 

    Choosing your next kitchen cabinets can be a fun experience for the whole family. Before exploring the types of cabinets most appealing to your aesthetic, remember a few things to make your shopping quick and easy.

    Consider how styling choices, your budget and the construction process can influence the best option for your kitchen. 

    Your Kitchen Layout and Style Choices

    If you have a kitchen style in mind, such as traditional or contemporary, you can find cabinet doors that complement this vision. Your kitchen layout can also determine whether a slimmer door or a frameless cabinet makes the room stand out how you want it. 

    Mapping out this area of your home and writing down potential styles you want to incorporate makes it easier to pick out ideal cabinetry.


    One of the most critical factors to remember when choosing your next kitchen cabinet is your budget. Investing in a quality set of cabinets can save you money on future replacements or refinishing. 

    Homeowners with an average kitchen size can expect to spend anywhere from $1,600 to $2,400 on their kitchen cabinet sets. This number could fluctuate based on the cabinet material, the number of cabinets and the installation cost. 


    Installing your chosen kitchen cabinets can take time and preparation before enjoying your new view. 

    If you select new cabinetry that’s a similar size as your existing pieces, the removal phase of construction may take slightly longer. However, the team can install the upgraded cabinets in the same locations and layout, simplifying the process. 

    The longest timeline you can expect is installing new cabinets with different sizing than your existing choices. The installation team will need extra time to measure, position and place them.

    Types of Cabinet Doors

    Cabinet doors have unique frame sizes and storage space to fit your kitchen’s aesthetic. As you shop for your new cabinets, considering how much storage you want and the spacing between each cabinet door can impact your final decision.

    Look at the following cabinet door types you can choose from to make your kitchen stand out.

    Full Access 

    If you enjoy having as much space as possible in your cabinets, the full-access cabinet door can offer this additional storage. Many cabinet options feature a frame surrounding the door, adding an inch or more of material to each side. Full-access cabinets minimize these added measurements to make the door larger, so you can find the best space for your kitchen essentials.

    Full Overlay

    Like the added space from full-access cabinets, full-overlay cabinet doors are frameless additions to your kitchen that provide more storage room for appliances, drinkware and other kitchen essentials. Without a rim surrounding the edges, the full-overlay options fit snugly against the interior frames, granting you a sleek and larger cabinet set.

    Standard Overlay

    The standard-overlay cabinet door option uses a slim frame to accentuate each door’s shape, size and design. While full overlays have no frame surrounding the drawers and doors, standard-overlay cabinets have a frame on each side of these features, typically measuring less than an inch in width. These options are classy and complement almost every interior design vision you have in mind for your kitchen.


    If you are looking for a classic, contemporary or victorian style cabinet door in your kitchen, inset cabinet door options are a great choice. These doors have the largest frame size compared to full overlay and standard overlay, with a width of less than an inch for a broader rim around each door and drawer. Wider frames allow your cabinet doors to look slimmer.

    Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

    Now that you have had the chance to glance through a few kitchen cabinets that can fit your budget, looking into the styles of cabinet doors can make your final decision easier. Finding the right style to match your kitchen’s aesthetic can enhance this living space’s overall design. 

    The following kitchen cabinet styles can add the flair you envision for a visually appealing kitchen.

    Flat Panel 

    Minimalistic aesthetics have become a staple in kitchen decor, with flat-panel cabinet door styles leading the trend. The cabinet features a narrow drawer atop a framed cabinet door. The door has an outer-rimmed frame with an indented center. The appearance resembles a picture frame, making it easy to style with colors and stains. 

    Flat-panel cabinet doors are available in a wide range of wood shades, frame sizes and drawer heights that fit your styling preferences and kitchen layout.

    Raised Panel

    Similar to the engraved styles of flat-panel doors, raised-panel cabinet doors use a minimalistic framed center. Raised-panel cabinets are available with or without drawers for added storage. If you prefer to add drawers to your cabinets, they can appear flat or have an elevated center. 

    Raised-panel cabinets have the opposite appearance, with an indented ridge inside the framed rims and a center that meets or exceeds the rims’ height.

    Reverse Raised Panel 

    Stable cabinet frames with moveable outward doors and drawers make reverse raised-panel cabinets a unique kitchen decor option. Reverse raised-panel cabinet doors can swing open like a typical door or slide outward. These cabinets’ flat surfaces allow you to push the drawers and doors flush against the cabinet for a few more inches of additional space when walking around your kitchen. 

    Beaded Panel

    For a classic or modern addition to your kitchen, look no further than the beaded-panel cabinet door option. These cabinets keep the same framed exterior rims as the cabinet selections above, with the added design of horizontal or vertical lines with varying widths. You can create a shutter-like appearance in your cabinet doors to match a boho- or beach-style interior design or keep it classy with slim, vertical lines. 


    Nothing highlights the beauty of modern interior design quite like the slab cabinet door selection. These cabinet doors feature a smooth textured exterior with no ridges, frames or rims. Instead, the flat surface allows your kitchen to stand out with modern, minimalistic designs that match any existing color palette. 

    Slab designs come in a wide selection of colors, from natural wood shades to colorful hues, to fit your home’s unique style.


    Similar to the exterior framed design of flat-panel cabinets, Shaker cabinet doors feature a similar boxed appearance with a slightly more sanded and modern feel. While flat-panel options can come with ridges inside the outer rims to accentuate classic or contemporary styles, Shaker-style cabinets prioritize a flat center where the edges drop less than an inch to reach this middle panel.  


    Most cabinet doors have the familiar vertical rectangle shape in the center of the frame. With an arched cabinet door, you can enjoy a semi-rectangle with an arched top ridge that complements Victorian- and traditional-style kitchens. The arched top of the center panel can feature an elongated curve or multiple bow-like shapes for unique designs in each cabinet door of your choosing. 

    Glass Front

    Rather than having a wood center in your cabinet doors, you can enjoy a glass front for your cabinets that makes your kitchen space feel more open. You can choose frosted or clear glass in your cabinet doors’ center that adds personality to each area of your kitchen. You can still have the flexibility of selecting a wood finish and stain for the frames surrounding the glass front to admire each time you walk into the room.

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