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    6 Ways to Add Value to Your Kitchen

    6 Ways to Add Value to Your Kitchen

    Homeowners use their kitchens daily, and many wonder how they can add value to the space, whether they want an aesthetic upgrade or to sell their home. 

    The kitchen is the second-most popular room that new homeowners remodel — contractors estimated that over 149,000 kitchen projects occurred in 2021. To achieve a new look for your kitchen, you might not need a complete overhaul. Often, a smaller remodel will do the job.

    According to the 2022 Remodeling Impacts Report, kitchen upgrades have a 67% cost recovery. Additionally, 30% of Realtors recommended doing a simple kitchen upgrade before selling. 

    With those numbers in mind, let’s look at the top six areas you can upgrade to add value to your kitchen. 

    1. Countertops

    Next to cabinets, countertops take up the most space in your kitchen. All your prep work happens here, as do most of the spills and messes. 

    If you are looking to give your kitchen a makeover, changing the countertops can add a lot of value. After the renovation, keep your counters looking shiny and new by cleaning them regularly

    There are several excellent countertop materials to choose from, including the following:

    • Natural stone: Natural stone is a durable material that can withstand frequent use. Natural stone comes in granite, quartzite and marble. The thickness of the stone largely determines the cost.
    • Quartz: It’s easy to confuse quartzite with quartz. Quartz is artificially engineered and an entirely different product. It is nonporous, making it easy to clean and stain-resistant. It is a bit of an investment but can last a lifetime with care.
    • Butcher-block: Butcher-block countertops are made of wood. Maple, oak, cherry and walnut can all be used to make butcher-block countertops. These countertops are somewhat susceptible to nicks and scratches. Additionally, wood is porous, meaning you’ll have to take care of these countertops to keep them in great shape. 
    • Laminate: The core of a laminated counter is made from a cost-friendly material. The core is then laminated to mimic wood or stone. Laminate countertops are easy to clean and stain-resistant. They may show damage after a few years but are easy to repair.
    • Solid surface: These are countertops manufactured with acrylic or polyester resin. Solid surface counters can mimic natural stone or come in a solid color or texture. They are durable and can be easily repaired.
    • Concrete: As a countertop material, concrete is an out-of-the-box choice. While concrete is a unique pick for countertops, it absorbs spills and stains easily. With a bit of moisture, the material can get brittle. However, specialists have worked on getting the concrete mix just right. With added sealer advancements, they can be a great choice for your countertops.

    2. Backsplash

    The backsplash behind the sink provides another opportunity for adding value to your kitchen. The area is often covered in a durable material like tile. Replacing the backsplash is an excellent kitchen upgrade that adds value. The backsplash is an economical upgrade, as it is a small section that can significantly impact the look and feel of your kitchen.

    Consider a new look or fresh color when choosing a backsplash. It’s an opportunity to refine the kitchen’s overall appearance or add a pop of color. 

    3. Sink

    The sink is another area that can make a kitchen shine. You might think a kitchen sink is purely functional, but it is much more than that. The faucet alone can help emphasize the design style you are looking for. For example, you can use a modern design like the Artifacts® Kitchen Sink Faucet. It features a single outlet with a level to control water temperature and pressure. The chrome finish is easy to clean, and the sleek design offers a contemporary finish.

    There are also touchless sink faucet options available. Once you have set the level to your preference, a swift movement will start and stop the water.

    Kitchen sinks come in a variety of styles and shapes. For example, you can opt for a classic dual metal sink or a ceramic single kitchen basin option. It all depends on your preferences. 

    4. Cabinets

    There are two approaches to renovating your cabinets as part of your kitchen home improvement plan. You can do an upgrade or a complete replacement. The motivation for replacing the entire fixture is you can change the layout, materials and overall design. However, you might find that painting your cabinets or replacing their hardware is enough to add value to your home. 

    Some of the benefits of updating your kitchen cabinets are:

    • Creating more space: If you remove a section of cabinets, you’ll enjoy more space in your kitchen. You might be able to fit a new appliance in the empty space. If you add new cabinets as part of your kitchen improvements, you could enjoy more space by finding a place for utensils, cleaning supplies or small appliances. 
    • Updating and modernizing your space: If you want to give your kitchen a more modern feel, you can start by renovating or replacing your cabinets. You can give your kitchen a whole new look or update its existing style.
    • Increasing value: Replacing the kitchen cabinets makes a big difference to potential homebuyers, even if just the doors, hardware or paint color is new. 
    • Increase functionality: If you have a cabinet door that sticks, creaks or doesn’t open properly, a cabinet repair or replacement can add functionality and value to your kitchen.

    5. Appliances

    Every year, the appliance industry strives to be greener and more sustainable. You can reduce your monthly energy costs by upgrading to energy-efficient appliances. Energy-efficient appliances could increase your home’s value, and brand-new chrome appliances will also give your kitchen a fresh look.

    You can also purchase some unique appliances as part of your kitchen renovation, like a hidden microwave. These types of appliances may increase your home’s appeal in the eyes of potential buyers. 

    6. Flooring

    Flooring can significantly impact the look of your kitchen. If your current floors are damaged or old, a flooring renovation can add a lot of value to your kitchen and home. Many different flooring options are available, from tile to luxury vinyl tile (LVT). The end result can change the entire look and feel of the room.

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