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    How to Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

    How to Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

    Sometimes, all you need to do to make your kitchen feel like a new space is make a small change, and your cabinets are a good place to start. There are various ways to give your kitchen cabinets a fresh look without replacing them, too. For instance, you might opt for new doors, a different finish, on-trend hardware or lighting choices to achieve a new look. If you’re unsure where to begin, read our list of kitchen cabinet ideas to get inspired on tackling your kitchen storage.

    8 Ways to Give Your Kitchen Cabinets an Upgrade

    To upgrade your cabinets, you might try simple fixes like choosing new colors or more involved changes like installing glass inserts. You can consider various custom kitchen cabinet upgrades to find one that suits your preferences and budget. The following kitchen cabinet ideas can help you upgrade your kitchen and create a fresh, contemporary space.

    1. Add Crown Molding

    If you’re hoping to refresh your kitchen cabinets without a major overhaul, you might consider adding crown molding. The extra height offers an entirely new look, making your cabinets appear more sophisticated and the space feel larger. This option works especially well in traditional-style kitchens and can help tie your kitchen into the rest of your living spaces.

    2. Pick a Bold New Color

    An easy way to modernize your kitchen is by picking a cabinet color that attracts the eye and aligns with the rest of your home’s design. Today, many people are embracing bolder kitchen cabinet colors that make a statement.

    Some on-trend kitchen cabinet color ideas you might try include:

    • Sage green: With the rise of the boho design style, natural home design elements are popular. Sage green is one of the trendiest paint colors for homeowners, as it pulls from nature while offering a modern flare.
    • Mint: Due to the popularity of the mid-century modern design style, mint has become a trending color in kitchen cabinet design. The color can complement a relaxed, coastal style when paired with white countertops
    • Blush: Pinks and blush colors pair well with statement pieces along your kitchen walls, crafting an elegant and comfortable kitchen space.
    • Yellow: Painting your kitchen cabinets with a soft, buttery yellow can create a warm, inviting space, especially when paired with rich wooden countertops.
    • Emerald: Deep green kitchen cabinet colors paired with brass hardware can make for an elegant upgrade for your kitchen.

    Upgrading your kitchen with these bold kitchen cabinet color ideas can help you update your kitchen.

    Install Glass Inserts

    3. Install Glass Inserts

    If you like keeping your cabinets organized and want to display their contents, consider installing a glass insert to show off the interior. Adding glass inserts to your cabinet doors can help you see the dishes on your shelves without a completely open concept. All you’ll need to do is take out the front panels of your cabinet doors and install glass inserts in their place. As a result, you achieve a semi-open concept look while keeping your dishes safe behind cabinet doors. 

    4. Install Under-Cabinet Lighting

    Installing warm under-cabinet lighting is a practical design option, as it can make your kitchen appear more welcoming and you can see more easily when you’re cooking. This additional lighting is discreet, so unless you turn it on, you won’t notice the fixtures are there. With under-cabinet lighting, you increase the lighting in your kitchen without changing its design.

    5. Create Decorative Toe Kicks

    Many people don’t realize the vast range of options beyond the standard toe kick recess. Interior designers often employ these decorative additions to dress up cabinets and upgrade the overall kitchen space. 

    For instance, you might add individual feet to the bottom of the cabinets or install a flush toe kick. Any non-standard options will make your cabinets appear like built-in furniture, creating an intentional design with a unique flair.

    6. Get Rid of Cabinet Doors

    Open-concept cabinet shelves are now popular among homeowners. Going doorless can help you freshen things up in the kitchen, though it’s best done in moderation. For example, you might open up a single section of cabinets to add variety to the space. This approach is also a cost-effective way to update your kitchen, as you don’t have to install new shelving.

    7. Extend Cabinets to the Ceiling

    If you’re looking for kitchen cabinet layout ideas that are affordable and easy, a simple fix is extending them to the ceiling. Filling that gap will make the room feel more finished and open.

    The quickest way to extend your cabinets is by framing the space, attaching filler components and crown molding and painting the filler to match their current color. You might choose to close the opening with panels or build cabinet boxes for extra storage.

    Another option is to raise the cabinet boxes and add more shelving below. You’ll gain extra space to store items close to eye level, ensuring they’re always accessible when needed.

    8. Switch out Your Hardware

    A quick fix that can go a long way in updating your cabinets is switching out hardware. Today, there are endless hardware options at varying price points and styles. When replacing drawer pulls, you have three options:

    • Find replacements that match your existing hole center measurements.
    • Patch over the old holes and repaint.
    • Order pulls with backplates to cover the old holes.

    Finding replacements and ordering pulls with backplates will be the easiest options, but they’ll limit your replacement choices. Patching and repainting require extra work, though you can choose any hardware to upgrade your cabinets, no matter the style. 

    Visualize Your Cabinet Ideas in Our Showrooms

    Visualize Your Cabinet Ideas in Our Showrooms

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