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    Cabinet Stain Trends

    Cabinet Stain Trends

    Today, you have more options than ever when designing, remodeling or replacing your kitchen cabinets. As a homeowner, you know the feeling of coming home to a kitchen you love. A personalized kitchen design makes preparing meals more exciting and adds value to family gatherings and homes. But how do you customize your kitchen and create an inviting and enjoyable space?

    Staining your wood cabinets offers a fantastic solution. You can add detail to your cabinets and tailor your kitchen to your style and design preferences. 

    Staining Kitchen Cabinets

    Staining kitchen cabinets is a popular refinishing and remodeling trend. While painting your kitchen cabinets is a great way to elevate your design, stains offer unique detail and character. Natural wood stains like oak and cherry were the go-to for many homeowners for years. While they remain traditional and popular choices, today, stain varieties range from bright blue, deep red and amber to bleached white, silver and gray. 

    Cabinet Paint Color Trends

    As mentioned, painting kitchen cabinets can elevate your space, especially if you’re aiming for a brighter atmosphere. Choosing paint colors for your cabinets significantly impacts the style of your kitchen. Here are some of the top kitchen cabinet color trends to consider:

    • Light to neutral tones: Greige, taupe, cream and beige tones are popular cabinet colors, creating a light and open kitchen design. 
    • Light and dark greens: Homeowners opt for shades of green to inspire an organic, earthy feel. 
    • Deep and dark tones: Deep brown and black cabinets are popular for their modern and bold appeal. 
    • Jewel tones: Sapphire, ruby red and shades of purple provide a bright and contemporary cabinet aesthetic. 
    • Two-tone: Painting your upper and lower cabinets in contrasting styles is a popular kitchen cabinet trend that adds creativity. 
    • Matte finishes: Less shiny finishes and colors are becoming highly sought-after for their sleek and modern aesthetic.

    If you want more depth in your cabinets, however, staining offers a solution. 

    Cabinet Stain Color Trends 

    Consider the following cabinet stain trends to solidify your kitchen’s aesthetic: 

    • Light stains: White, silver and light gray stains are popular for many homeowners. 
    • Bright color stains: Blue and green wood cabinet stains are popping up more. 
    • Organic stains: Homeowners opt for ambers and natural wood cabinet stains for an earthy and natural feel. 
    • Warm wood stains: Deep brown wood cabinet stains remain a popular tone.

    Wood Cabinet Stain Colors

    Now that you have an understanding of stain trends and kitchen cabinet color ideas, you can choose a stain color for your kitchen cabinets. Here are some of our favorite wood stain ideas and how they’ll make a difference in your kitchen.

    Blue Wood

    Sophisticated and timeless, blue undertone stains can revitalize your kitchen cabinets. They offer a luxurious and contemporary aesthetic and make light wood or natural cabinets stand out. 

    White and Bleached 

    White and bleached stains are popular kitchen cabinet finishes. They add an airy and natural feel to your kitchen and come in multiple tones to match your design. You can select warm blonde or neutral varieties for a subtle and fresh kitchen cabinet stain. These stains pair with natural light wood kitchen designs. 

    Silver and Gray

    Shades of silver and gray are modern kitchen cabinet color stains. They bring depth and detail to wood and can highlight your cabinets’ distinct features. You can select dark and light gray stains to accent various kitchen cabinets and designs. 

    Subtle Green

    Soft or subtle shades of green are one of the best stain colors for kitchen cabinets and can provide a natural and fresh aesthetic. These stains can also highlight your cabinet characteristics and give your kitchen layout more depth. 


    Praline stain is a combination of browns and oranges. Praline stains work well with white and neutral kitchen color schemes. You might see this wood stain in many traditional and modern kitchen designs. 


    Husk stains offer a neutral and cool cabinet color. Its yellow undertones provide your kitchen with a light yet bold appearance. Husk sets into wood and brings out the details of your cabinets. You can pair husk wood stain with modern and classic kitchen designs and color schemes. 


    Honey combines yellow and orange tones, providing a rich caramel cabinet stain. Honey stains are excellent for natural woods like cherry. It emphasizes wood textures and offers a warm amber undertone and a natural aesthetic. Honey is a versatile stain that complements kitchen colors like gray, white, dark blues and neutrals. 

    Deep Red

    Bold, innovative, deep red stained wood cabinets provide a bright focal point. Red is excellent for adding depth to a minimalist kitchen and home design. It pairs well with light natural woods like oak and is ideal for classic and traditional designs. 

    Textured Finishes

    Textured stains are unique patterns and colors you can add to your wood cabinet. You can add flair and detail to your kitchen with numerous textured finishes. Textured cabinet stains can be an excellent choice for a rustic kitchen design. They also come in multiple wood tones and can add warmth to your space. 


    Barley stains are a popular choice for modern kitchens. It is a light and natural stain with cool undertones like soft pink. Barley is excellent for pairing with various colors and can balance multiple kitchen color schemes. You can use barley on numerous kinds of wood, as it suits different undertones. Barley stain cabinets can be unique and eye-catching for your next remodel, replacement or refinish. 


    Brown stains are the traditional choice. The dark ebony and warm chocolate undertones provide a rich and luxurious aesthetic. These stains magnify various wood textures and grains and are great for classic and modern kitchens. 


    Organic or natural wood stains for kitchen cabinets offer dimension and depth. Oak, maple and walnut undertones are timeless and suit many kitchen colors, including light and neutral designs. Organic kitchen cabinets can offer a warm aesthetic and bring earth and freshness into your home. 

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