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    How to Mix Wood And Painted Cabinets

    How to Mix Wood And Painted Cabinets

    Updating your cabinets is a great place to start when creating a fresh look for your kitchen. While a uniform look creates an elegant or simplistic atmosphere, modern kitchen styles embrace mixing and matching cabinets. One way to achieve this striking look is by combining wood and painted cabinets.

    Mixing Wood and Painted Kitchen Cabinets

    Similar to any design style, mixing wood and painted kitchen cabinets requires a few considerations to achieve the desired finished look. When executed well, this design style can elevate your kitchen in the following ways:  

    • Captivating appearance: Mixing wood and painted cabinets creates an eye-catching impact. Whether painted cabinets are the focal point with the wood used for accenting or painted doors are the accent, the variation in color and style will capture a visitor’s attention. 
    • Variation: This combination is excellent for bringing depth and texture to your kitchen’s overall design. The interesting grains of wood contrasted with smooth painted cabinets produce a pleasing variation within the design. 
    • Flexibility: When you mix and match different wood and colors, there are endless options for what you can create. Use various wood species, feature stained cabinets and find a range of colors that complement or enhance the wood. 

    Applying the Design to Your Kitchen

    Finding ways to combine wood and painted cabinets can be challenging. The colors and textures of the design need to complement or balance each other out. Here are a few ways to apply this technique to your kitchen: 

    • Create focal points: Select areas in your kitchen, like the island, and make them the focal point by highlighting them in a different color from the surrounding cabinets.
    • Mix two tones: Create a balanced composition in your kitchen by using one tone for upper cabinets and a different one for lowers. Understanding the undertones of different woods — warm or cool — can help you find a complementary paint color. Consider rich wood tones for the upper cabinets and lighter paint tones for the bottom.
    • Intersperse the cabinets: A unique technique to explore is blending different finishes and strategically placing them in between each other.

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