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    Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Colors

    Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Colors

    How do you want to feel when you walk into your kitchen? Some homeowners want a modern, neutral look that will still feel fresh in 10 or 20 years. Others prefer to paint their kitchen cabinets a bolder color to show some personality. 

    If you’re looking for ideas for painting your kitchen cabinets, consider these popular paints and finishes in the Delaware and Maryland area so you can find the right fit for your kitchen. 

    How to Choose the Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

    Before you choose kitchen cabinet colors, look over your kitchen as a whole. What color are the walls? Will there be more cabinets than wall space? Thinking about the space occupied by your cabinets will help you understand the impact of their color on the room. 

    Another good question to ask yourself is how long you’d like your cabinets to be painted this color, especially if you’re considering a bolder look. To choose between different shades, you might try printing out several kitchen cabinet color ideas and taping them up in your current kitchen for a few days. 

    You should also consider how glossy you want your cabinets to be. Paint finishes reflect light in specific ways, which will have a different effect depending on how much natural and artificial light you have in your kitchen. Ultimately, the best paint color for your kitchen cabinets depends on your personal preference. 

    Popular Paint Finishes

    Popular paint finishes for kitchen cabinets include glossy and semi-gloss paint. Matte paint tends to be too dull for cabinets and can make a space feel smaller. Glossier paints for wooden cabinets are easier to clean — a must in a busy kitchen. 

    Semi-gloss paint has the benefits of a glossy finish with a more understated look. It’s easy to clean, brightens a room and can make paint colors seem more vibrant. For most homeowners, a semi-gloss finish is the way to go. 

    In addition to impacting appearance, the finish you choose for your cabinets will also affect their durability. Paint for wooden cabinets can be water-based (acrylic), oil-based (alkyd) or actual oil paint. Wooden cabinets respond well to any type of finish once they’re sanded. However, alkyd paints are more durable than acrylic, and oil-based paint lasts even longer. 

    Each kind of paint comes with its own pros and cons, including cost, drying time and response to humidity. Choosing the right paint will affect the look and performance of your kitchen cabinets now and in the years to come. Before you get too attached to a specific color, research and choose the right paint finish for your kitchen. 

    Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets in Delaware

    If you’re looking for new cabinets to make your kitchen more functional and attractive, end your search with the Timberlake cabinet line. Timberlake cabinets are made of high-quality materials and can be customized to suit your space. This range includes styles from minimalist to rustic and features finishes designed to resist moisture, scratches and dents.

    Cabinets, while often a necessary part of any kitchen, go through different design cycles that are difficult to keep up with. Kitchen cabinet color trends in 2023, are much different than they were in 2003. Bath, Kitchen & Tile helps you make sense of emerging trends to decide the best choice for your kitchen’s future.

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