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    Trending Light Wood Kitchen Cabinet Finishes in Wilmington, DE

    Trending Light Wood Kitchen Cabinet Finishes in Wilmington, DE

    Have you noticed that kitchens with light wood cabinets are becoming more popular? Only a few years ago, dark wood cabinets were the most prominent in designer magazines and remodeling TV shows. Trends change quickly, and some last longer than others. Learn why light wood kitchen cabinets are a trend worth investing in and how to use this look to the best effect.

    How to Choose the Best Finish for Light Wood Cabinets

    Light wood cabinets bring a sense of space and brightness to your kitchen. They blend with kitchen walls and countertops, allowing dining sets and accents to take center stage and making it easy to update your kitchen when you want a fresh look.

    The best finish for light wood depends on your personal goals and preferences. Some common types include lacquer, shellac, oil, varnish and polyurethane, with the latter being one of the most popular. Each type of finish has its own pros and cons, and some require more maintenance than others. 

    Some people use a light wood stain on their cabinets, while others prefer to seal the untreated wood and showcase its natural color. Sealant may darken natural wood slightly, but it’s worth it to protect the wood from damage and moisture. 

    Popular Light Wood Finishes

    When you’re finishing wood kitchen cabinets, you can sample different stains and finishes on the inside of the wood to choose your favorite look. In general, stained kitchen cabinets will usually turn out darker than the color initially appears on the packaging. 

    If you’re ordering cabinets from a company, you can request samples before choosing your final stain or finish. In addition to affecting the color of your wood cabinets, finishes can also impact their reflectiveness and final texture. Some finishes are more durable than others, so keep that in mind while making your final choice.

    If possible, you should always look at cabinet finishes in your actual kitchen space so you can experience how they look with the kitchen lighting and other colors present. If you’re building a kitchen from scratch, try to look at finish options in the construction zone. It’s also a good idea to check how colors appear at different times of the day. 

    Think about your goals in choosing a light wood finish. What words would you use to describe your ideal kitchen cabinets? Whether you’re going for warm, neutral, natural or beachy, keep that description in mind when you’re considering different light cabinet finishes. 

    Coastal Kitchen Cabinets at the Delaware Beaches

    At Bath, Kitchen & Tile, we offer a wide range of light wood finishes and styles to suit the look and feel of your home. Our Timberlake cabinet collection includes natural wood tones and light gray finishes that will add a bright, neutral backdrop to your kitchen. There are a variety of style and trim options to choose from so you can achieve the look that best suits your personal style.

    Ready to stop shopping and craft a kitchen you can enjoy for years? Contact the skilled team at Bath, Kitchen & Tile to learn more about our kitchen remodeling in Wilmington, DE. Built with high-quality materials, Timberlake cabinets are a beautiful and practical investment that will last.

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