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    Professional Tips for Your Custom Home Office Design

    Professional Tips for Your Custom Home Office Design

    If you’re like so many professionals currently working from home, you may have come to the realization that your home office is not reaching its full potential. Whether you need a dedicated area for bill paying and household management, or you are clocking that nine to five within the same four walls, we have all the tips you need for a home office design that will reflect your ideal aesthetic and inspire optimal workflow. The professionals at Bath, Kitchen & Tile Center have been helping homeowners just like you reimagine their home office design to cultivate spaces that are both fabulous and functional. Read on for our expert tips on your home office design!

    1. Location is key. In the real estate world, you will often hear the phrase, “location, location, location.” The same sentiment rings true when deciding on the best space for your custom home office. If you’re planning on spending hours on end in the same room while maintaining an efficient workflow, it’s crucial that you select a place with ample space, away from distractions or heavy traffic flow. If you plan on entertaining clients or holding meetings, a private space with adequate seating is a must. Consider the type of work you will be doing all day and let that inform your design decisions. If you are a busy mom, a built-in kitchen desk area may suffice, but if you are expected to clock eight hours and be available for meetings, you may need a more secluded home office, further from distractions.

    2. Give yourself some space. While this may seem like a no-brainer, many homeowners do not dedicate enough surface area to their home office design. You should be able to easily move from side to side, stand up, and sit back from your desk. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least 60” in width and 85” in depth. While minimalist office design is certainly a formidable trend, you can still achieve this aesthetic without skimping on the actual square footage. A corner desk is a great way to optimize space, allowing you to use one side for your computer and the other for paperwork. You could also consider an adjustable function that allows you to shift an ordinary desk into a standing desk, especially if you dread the thought of sitting for long stretches. Be sure to keep in mind the technology you will be using for work. If you need access to a printer, scanner, books, or dual monitor, you will need to allot for these aspects in your planning, as well as access to power outlets.

    3. Utilize form and function. This is where our team at Bath, Kitchen & Tile Center really shines. Our designers can help you utilize the storage and shelving space you have, or add additional storage options to elevate your productivity. It’s important, when planning for shelving or storage options, to consider what you will need easy access to during the workday. For instance, if you regularly use materials such as manuals, catalogs, or reference books, these will need to be close at hand, perhaps on a shelf near your desk. Keep in mind that your home office design should complement the other rooms in your house, whether that means incorporating traditional décor, modern touches, or artistic flair. Our team of experts can help you get the perfect look and feel.

    4. Invest in a great chair and desk. Choosing the right chair for your home office is no small feat. If you’ve ever sat for hours in a stiff and uncomfortable chair, you know the importance of ergonomics when it comes to seating. Your neck and back will thank you for investing in an adjustable and comfortable chair, bonus points if it swivels! When selecting a desk for your custom home office, there are a variety of factors to consider, the first being the amount of space you’re working with. Your desktop needs to be large enough to accommodate your computer, while also giving you room to take notes or sort through papers.

    5. Opt for natural light, if possible. Having great natural lighting is especially important for a home office – it’s what separates your new workplace oasis from the dusty cubicle you used to occupy. If possible, try to choose an office location with some natural light and a view. Position your desk to face a window, and use translucent window shades to reduce any glare without darkening the room.

    Installing an overhead ceiling light or putting a couple of open-top floor lamps in the corners of the room can provide good general lighting. Likewise, using daylight bulbs will provide an extra boost. If you don’t have access to a window, you can opt to position your desk toward the door or hang an eye-catching piece of artwork above your desk to give your eyes a break from your screen.

    Whatever your design ideas may be for a custom home office renovation, Bath, Kitchen & Tile Center has the experience and industry know-how to get the job done right! Our team of designers, builders, and vendors has been working together to create stunning home additions and remodels for nearly 60 years! Whether you need help translating your ideas into a concrete plan or you have a budget to maintain, we will work with you from concept to completion to make your dream office a reality!

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