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    Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2022

    Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2022

    Bathroom remodel trends change from year to year, and bathroom trends for 2022 can provide some inspirational bathroom remodel ideas. This year’s trends include white and cool blue shades of color, curved shapes, unique tile designs and more. 

    The Benefits of Remodeling Your Bathroom

    Bathroom remodeling in 2022 has many benefits. It can help you organize your space, increase your home’s value and save money. Here are some of the benefits remodeling your bathroom can provide.

    Increase the Value of Your Home

    If you plan to sell your house in the future, updating your bathroom can help you sell it faster and at a higher price than it would otherwise sell. Bathroom renovations significantly increase a home’s value, and they are some of the most common home improvement projects.

    When potential buyers walk into your bathrooms and see attractive countertops, updated cabinets and well-organized space, they will be much more likely to place an offer. Many buyers look for homes that require minimal to no work when it comes to repairs and remodeling.

    Reduce Clutter

    Limited storage space can increase clutter in your bathroom, leaving you stressed and disorganized. Remodeling your bathroom allows you to increase storage. Many bathroom remodel ideas can help you optimize space and create discreet places to store items like cleaners, towels, medicines and toiletries. Transform your bathroom into a clutter-free and stress-free area.

    Save Money on Repairs

    Old toilets, bathtubs and plumbing fixtures often break and require expensive repairs. Faucets leak, toilets can overflow and other issues can occur. However, when you update your bathroom features, you will save money on repairs. Updating your bathroom can significantly decrease needed repairs and allow you to invest money in your home’s value rather than throwing it away on unexpected repair bills. Some homeowners go for the cheapest home warranty plan that provides coverage for toilets, bathtubs, and even plumbing to protect their budgets.

    Improve Energy Efficiency

    In addition to saving your money on expensive repairs, remodeling your bathroom can save you money on your utility bills. Updating your lighting, wiring and plumbing can significantly reduce the amount of energy you use.

    Incorporate Your Personality

    Your current bathroom most likely reflects the original homeowner or builder’s design taste. Depending on when the house was originally built, the design could be severely outdated. Remodeling your bathroom gives you the chance to add your own personal taste to the space. You have the freedom to choose your favorite colors, install storage space to meet your needs and create a bathroom that makes you feel at home.

    Improve Safety

    Outdated bathrooms can pose electrical risks, damaged floors and other hazards. Updating your bathroom can eliminate these risks and ensure your space is safe. Additionally, you can help the environment when you remodel your bathroom by installing materials and fixtures that are nontoxic, energy-efficient, recyclable or biodegradable.

    Bathroom Remodel Trends for 2022

    If you’re wondering how to remodel your bathroom, 2022 bathroom remodels will focus on some exciting new trends. Consider the following remodeling ideas to create a bathroom that fits your style.

    New Shower Doors

    When you plan your bathroom remodel, make sure you consider your shower doors. Frameless shower doors are modern and design-friendly. Since they lack set frame materials, they can go with any type of bathroom design, layout or tile choice. They also allow plenty of light to shine through.  

    Round and oval shapes are also becoming popular in bathroom remodeling for 2022. A curved bath screen is a subtle and modern addition to any bathroom.

    Wet Rooms

    One of the biggest bathroom trends for 2022 is the wet room. A wet room uses an open floor plan design to transform the bathroom into one cohesive space with a single drain for water to flow down. A wet room creates more space than the traditional bathroom and evokes a spa aesthetic. The shower is not separated from the rest of the bathroom by doors, walls or curtains, which makes it more accessible since the shower is level with the rest of the room.

    Round or egg-shaped bathtubs are becoming more popular in 2022. A round bathtub adds an organic design to a bathroom because it eliminates straight angles and rigid structures.

    Natural Stone Countertops

    Natural stone countertops are both attractive and durable, making them a great choice for busy households. Common natural stone options include granitequartzite, and marble countertops.  Their natural markings make them unique because each stone slab is different from the next. Installing granite countertops allows you to create a bathroom that is uniquely different from any other. Additionally, quartzite countertops will increase your home’s value because they are always in style.

    Cool Blue Shades

    Cool blue shades can create feelings of peace and serenity. Choosing blue shades for your bathroom can transform it into a peaceful space where you can unwind and relieve stress. Many homebuyers prefer a light blue shade in their bathroom, so this color can also increase your home’s value.

    Natural White Shades

    Natural white shades will always be in style. White shades can brighten the room, and white matches any color. Choosing white shades for your bathroom gives you the freedom to choose your preferred accent color for cabinets and other fixtures. You can decide to create an all-white bathroom or mix it with any color you like.

    Designs and Tile Styles

    Bathroom remodeling trends involving tile in 2022 include wood-like tile designs, stone tiles and unique colors. Tile that resembles wood can give a bathroom an organic aesthetic without swelling and shrinking as natural wood does. Stone tiles also contribute to an organic design. 

    If you prefer unique colors and designs, tiles such as Bohemia Dalia, California Denim, Hexa Black Swan Glossy and Design Motif Scope can give your bathroom a distinctive style.

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