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    How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

    How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

    Organizing your kitchen cabinets can help you access supplies faster and easier, making meal preparation and cleanup much simpler. Building or renovating a kitchen is the perfect opportunity to reorganize and optimize space in your cabinets. Continue reading to learn how to organize kitchen cabinets.

    Only Build the Storage You Need

    If you are building or remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to consider what kind of storage you need for your kitchen supplies. Excessive storage space is not the best kitchen solution, so it’s better to build your cabinets according to your kitchen needs rather than adding as many cabinets and drawers as possible.

    Start With a Clean Slate

    Start your organization with empty cabinets for the best results. Emptying your cabinets makes the process easier and allows you to begin with a clean slate. It also provides an opportunity to deep clean your cabinets before reorganizing them. If you’ve just completed a kitchen remodel, this is a great time to rethink your cabinet organization before placing all of your kitchen supplies back in your cabinets. 

    Sort Everything and Create a Plan

    After clearing your cabinets, you can start sorting and organizing your kitchen supplies. Sort your utensils, appliances, pots and pans by separating the items you want to keep and the items you want to discard. You can also make a list of items you might need to add to your supply. Next, separate your supplies by size and type of item. Create separate piles for the following items:

    • Food items
    • Utensils
    • Dishes and glasses
    • Food storage containers
    • Cutting boards and mixing bowls
    • Baking sheets
    • Large pots and pans
    • Small pots and pans
    • Appliances
    • Cookbooks
    • Cleaning supplies

    Once you sort your items, you can begin planning how to organize them. This is a great time to take inventory and determine which items need more space than others.

    Know What to Store and Where

    Knowing where to put things in kitchen cabinets can help you optimize your space. Optimized item placement can make your kitchen supplies easier to access, give you more space to work with and make your kitchen appear more organized. 

    Upper Cabinets

    Your upper cabinets should hold items you need to access easily while preparing meals or cleaning up after meals. Plan to store the following items in your upper cabinets:

    • Food
    • Dishes and glasses
    • Food storage containers
    • Cookbooks

    Storing food above your food preparation counter space allows you to easily access it while preparing meals. If you have a counter space you typically use to put food in storage containers, try to place all of your food storage containers in a cabinet above this space. 

    You should place dishes and glasses in a space that makes it easier to put them away. The best space for these items is above your drying rack or your dishwasher. You can store cookbooks in a cabinet that is farther away from your food preparation spaces because you will most likely need to access them less frequently than other items. 

    Lower Cabinets

    Lower cabinets are best for non-cooking items and larger, heavier items such as the following:

    • Cleaning supplies
    • Kitchen appliances
    • Large pots and pans
    • Small pots and pans
    • Baking sheets
    • Cutting boards and mixing bowls

    Cleaning items should always be on a separate shelf and level from food items. Storing cleaning supplies above food items is unsafe, so they should always be in a cabinet lower than your food cabinet. The best space for cleaning supplies is in the cabinet below your sink. 

    You should store kitchen appliances below your main food preparation counter space so you can easily access them to prepare meals. Try to store pots and pans in a lower cabinet near your stove so you can quickly access them for stovetop cooking, and place your baking sheets in a lower cabinet near your oven if it’s in a separate space from your stove. 

    Purchasing racks for lids and baking skeets can help you maximize space because they allow you to store these items vertically. You can also nest pots and pans together according to size to save space, stacking small pots and pans in one space and large pots and pans in another. 

    You can place cutting boards and mixing bowls in a lower cabinet near the dishwasher or drying rack. This makes them easy to access and easy to put away after washing. 

    Emphasize Visibility

    When you open your cabinets, you should be able to easily locate the items you need to use. You can emphasize visibility in your kitchen cabinets with the following tips:

    Use Labels

    Labels make it easier to identify items in your cabinets and pantry. This is especially true when you have multiple containers that hold similar items. While looking at the contents inside a cabinet can help you locate what you’re looking for, labeling items makes the search mentally faster and easier. You can label items such as spices and pasta containers to make reaching for ingredients easier. 

    Color Coordinate

    Color-coordinating your kitchen items can also make them easier to locate. Color-coordinated items are typically more visually appealing and organized than items of various colors. Try to choose items in the same item category that also have the same colors. When your items are visually organized, you will have more motivation to keep your cabinets clean and organized. 

    Get Creative With Space

    Adding some creative additions to your cabinets can also help maximize space. You can utilize items such as the following:

    • Hooks: Use hooks to hang items inside your cabinets and maximize space. 
    • Tension rods: A tension rod under your sink can make cleaning bottles easier to access.
    • Racks: You can use racks to organize items such as food storage lids and cleaning supplies.
    • Drawer dividers: Drawer dividers are excellent tools to keep your smaller items separate and in the correct spaces.
    • Turntables: Turntables keep spices and bottles easily visible and accessible. 

    Think Outside the Cabinet

    Utilizing the exteriors of your cabinets can also maximize space and increase item accessibility. You can hang racks and hooks on the sides of cabinets or underneath them to hang items such as utensils and cups. You can also store items on the top of your cabinets if there is space. 

    Avoid Cramming Everything in Your Cabinets

    You don’t have to place every kitchen item inside a cabinet. You can also set items out in the open if you are able to do it neatly. Placing a couple of items on the counter or hanging cutting boards on the wall can save space in your cabinets and make other items easier to access. 

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