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    Quartz Countertops: the Next Big Thing?

    Quartz Countertops: the Next Big Thing?

    For how popular granite has become in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, it is hard to remember that in 1994, just 20 years ago, the idea of using a natural stone for countertops was foreign to consumers. Granite was not only incredibly expensive at the time, but you would be lucky to find any real satisfying variation of colors available, as most locations only offered two or three different options. The granite that you could purchase was based upon where you lived, as importing/exporting anything outside of a local region was non-existent at the time.

    At the turn of the century, however, you couldn’t count how many homeowners were replacing the solid-color laminate and acrylic countertops of the past with stunning and unique granite countertops, completely revolutionizing the remodeling market. Companies simply couldn’t provide enough granite to meet demands only months after granite was relatively irrelevant in the remodeling industry. Prices also became more affordable over time, and granite became the standard for countertops within a decade.

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