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    Wall Oven vs. Range — Which Is the Better Choice?

    Wall Oven vs. Range — Which Is the Better Choice?

    Deciding between a wall oven and a range can be challenging. Finding a quality oven that fits your needs is essential for any kitchen cabinet remodel. If you plan to upgrade your oven, both wall ovens and ranges can benefit your space, though they have different benefits and aesthetics that affect your kitchen’s design. Let’s explore the sizes, costs and benefits of ranges and wall ovens to help you find the right oven for your kitchen. 

    What Is The Difference Between A Range and A Wall Oven?

    Ranges often combine both an oven and stovetop whereas an oven is the closed space within the range where you cook food. Standalone ovens can be bought as separate units and can be built into your kitchen cabinets.

    Questions to Ask Yourself – Range vs Wall Oven

    When it comes to choosing between appliances, your personal preferences and home size will help you decide which one to pick. Both ranges and wall ovens are available in various styles and prices. Evaluate your new kitchen setup with questions that help you narrow down your preferences, like: 

    • What are their key features, such as warming lights, warming drawers, broil options and timers?
    • What’s the initial cost and cost of ongoing upkeep?
    • How much space do they take up?
    • How can they benefit me?
    • What is the average energy consumption of each appliance?
    • What dimensions, models and styles are available?
    • Does this fit my lifestyle?
    • Do they use gas or electric power?

    How Much Space Do You Have?

    Picking the right kitchen appliance often comes down to space. Your kitchen’s dimensions limit where and what you can install. You probably want to get a range if you’re in a small kitchen with limited cabinet and wall space. Ranges sacrifice a slice of bottom cabinet space but don’t take up the same amount of wall space as wall ovens. A double oven in your wall will eliminate that vertical space and cabinets. 

    If you have wall space but need to prioritize bottom cabinet storage, wall ovens could work well for your kitchen. Having dual wall ovens and a separate cooktop lets you increase your storage under the stovetop. If you have a larger kitchen with ample storage room, wall ovens can add to the convenience and style of your space.

    What Are Your Cooking Habits?

    If you frequently cook in the kitchen, a wall oven could make the process much easier. For some homeowners, adding a second oven can make cooking easier. Wall ovens reduce back strain and physical stress while freeing lower cabinet space in your kitchen. Ranges work well for homeowners who only need one oven while cooking. Here are two dual oven setups a kitchen could have:

    • Range and wall oven
    • Dual wall oven and range

    Consider your kitchen habits when replacing kitchen appliances. A double oven could significantly reduce strain on your body and kitchen flow, but you might benefit from something smaller. If you just want a second oven for keeping food warm while you cook, consider investing in a warming drawer. It’s smaller, less expensive and keeps your food warm without being an entire oven. 

    How Many People In The Kitchen?

    If only one person cooks at a time, crowding and kitchen space aren’t an issue. A dual oven can make cooking easier for one person if they frequently perform multiple oven tasks while cooking. Having a separate cooktop and oven is convenient for kitchens with more than one cook working at a time — with both a wall oven and range, multiple people working in your kitchen can perform distinct tasks without difficulty. 

    What Are Your Aesthetic Preferences? 

    Ranges and wall ovens can bring different styles to your kitchen. Your personal tastes might make a wall oven or range more attractive to you. Range ovens provide a focal point for the kitchen while saving wall and cabinet space. However, opt for a cooktop if you want to highlight your window, backsplash or other kitchen feature. 

    Sleek, modern home designs work well with wall ovens. Their seamless integration into the kitchen wall makes your space look more advanced and sophisticated. Ranges have classic features that make the stove the room’s center point. Consider your preferences and home design to find the best fitting kitchen appliances. 

    Your visual preferences can also inform which range or wall oven model you choose, including its color, layout, finish and design.

    Does A Range or Wall Oven Cost More?

    While the model will affect price, installation is essential when considering wall oven and range costs. Ranges are typically the less expensive option since installation doesn’t involve fitting two oven units into the wall. However, higher-end ranges can be more expensive than some wall ovens. 

    One of the benefits of remodeling your home is updating your kitchen appliances and style. You can upgrade your range to a dual-wall oven and completely revamp your kitchen space. Your wall oven costs are lower if replacing an existing wall unit rather than a range. 

    Wall ovens and separate cooktops can be less expensive for replacement. When a range breaks, you have to replace the entire unit. With a wall oven and cooktop, you can replace the cooktop and oven separately when one of them needs upgrading. While this can be more convenient, you’ll have to work out the different sizes and models of wall ovens and cooktops for replacement — you might not find a match. With ranges, the whole unit comes in a standard size for simple replacement.

    Benefits of Ranges

    Installing quality range models has many benefits — they provide compact, convenient cooking without taking up your kitchen cabinet space. Some range benefits include:

    • Easy installation.
    • Typically more affordable.
    • Kitchen focal point.
    • Cooking functions in one convenient location.
    • Space-saving for smaller kitchens.

    Benefits of Wall Ovens

    Getting a cooktop and wall oven setup works well for many homeowners if looking for added oven space. Some wall oven benefits are:

    • Easier on your arms, back and body
    • Flexible cooktop customizations — vary stove and oven widths, looks, locations, models and more
    • Two full-functioning ovens
    • Convenient for multiple, simultaneous cooks 
    • Custom, adaptable kitchen setup for baking and cooking

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