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    New Year’s Remodeling Inspiration

    New Year’s Remodeling Inspiration

    No rooms influence a home’s design style more than the kitchen and bathrooms. Non-permanent elements—such as paint colors, artwork, accessories, and textiles—can be changed to transform the bedroom or living room, but kitchen and bathroom cabinets, countertops, and layouts are a permanent reflection of your home’s style.

    If you’re tired of that style hearkening back to the days of your grandparents’ youth, 2020 could be the year you renovate your kitchen and bathroom. Looking for remodeling dos and don’ts in the new year? With these tips from our award-winning designers, you can pinpoint the trends that gained popularity in 2019 and are predicted to last into 2020 and beyond.

    Efficient Products & Sustainable Materials

    We live in an eco-friendly age where more and more homeowners are concerned about the environment. Kitchens and bathrooms contribute significantly to your monthly energy consumption, but you can lower the impact with efficient appliances, LED lights, and low-flow plumbing fixtures.

    Sustainable materials are also in high demand. Recycled countertops, bamboo and cork flooring, reclaimed wood shelving, and other environmentally responsible materials minimize your home’s carbon footprint and reduce landfill waste. Luckily, sustainable designs aren’t just eco-friendly—they can also be beautiful and functional!

    Gold Hardware

    Remember when gold hardware was popular in the 1980s? Well, it’s back. Luckily, today’s gold faucets and drawer pulls are a bit more understated, with quiet, brushed tones that don’t command the same attention as the loud, shiny brass of 40 years ago. In 2020, don’t be afraid to mix and match metallic finishes in your kitchen and bathroom.

    Dark Painted Cabinetry

    Look around at home and garden magazines, and you’ll realize that most cabinets these days are painted. One of the most popular color trends is dark blue. This timeless hue works beautifully as an accent, such as on your kitchen island. As it turns out, dark blue cabinets pair beautifully with fashionable gold hardware.

    Open Shelves

    The last several years have seen a rapid decline in upper cabinets. Instead, trendy kitchens sport open shelving, providing the perfect opportunity to add personality with thoughtfully displayed accessories and dishware. Items are also more accessible this way.

    Deep Drawers

    Of course, there are plenty of kitchen tools you want to store out of sight. That’s why many homes with open shelving also have deep drawers. In fact, many kitchens do away with cabinet doors altogether in favor of oversized drawers strong enough to hold pots and pans, mixing bowls, and even small appliances.

    Counter-to-Ceiling Backsplash

    Tile backsplash is designed to prevent splattering the wall while cooking. A traditional backsplash only extends to the bottom of the cabinetry, but another option is to cover the entire wall in beautiful tile. Not only does this create a dramatic accent, but it’s also more durable than a painted wall. Eliminating upper cabinetry allows the backsplash to extend uninterrupted from counter to ceiling.

    Minimalist Design

    Minimalism is the trend of having the cleanest, least cluttered look possible. Think straight lines, 90-degree angles, and a true form-follows-function mentality. Still, minimalist kitchens and bathrooms are far from boring. They are highly organized and tidy, promoting feelings of calm. Isn’t that what everyone wants in their home?

    Double Kitchen Islands

    If your kitchen is large enough, you might want to install an island. While you’re at it, why not put in two islands? This allows one to serve as the food prep area while the other accommodates casual entertaining. It’s the ideal choice if you often have large gatherings in your home.

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