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Tips for Your Bathroom Design

Posted: Tuesday, February 2nd 2016 in Remodeling

When remodeling your bathroom you also have the option of designing the space completely fresh. You can get everything you’ve always wanted from the space whether that’s a better view of the skyline, a rain shower head, or the tiled floor that’s perfect for your aesthetic. Here are our tips for making your bathroom design an enjoyable process.


Is it more important that you have storage or that you finally have your dream bathtub? Each may be equally important aspects of your remodel, but if you are restricted by space or budget it is vital to know in what order you prioritize the aspects of your remodel. Our certified designers recommend creating a list of the parts of your remodel in order from “must have” down to “a nice addition” so you go into your appointment knowing where your priorities truly lie.

Choose a Style

When it comes to bathrooms there ... Read More

Trends in Kitchen Islands

Posted: Wednesday, January 20th 2016 in Remodeling

Working in the bathroom and kitchen remodeling industry, we see the steady increase in projects that indicate that a trend is here to stay. Sometimes trend is used as a bad word, but trends frequently turn into two words you love to hear from guests—“classic” and “timeless.” Here we’re exploring two trends that have merit and are, indeed, going to be sticking around: wooden countertops on your kitchen island and two-tiered islands.

Wooden Countertops

Wooden countertops echo a return to earlier days when granite and stone countertops weren’t practical, even for very wealthy homes. They are an exquisite choice for an island countertop, with an array of wood types to choose from so you can find the perfect choice for your kitchen.

 Wooden countertops on a kitchen island.

Wooden countertops provide both a centerpiece for your kitchen that is still an aspect of your kitchen that can be ... Read More

Built-In Shelves for Your Home

Posted: Tuesday, January 12th 2016 in Remodeling

There are so many types of shelving units that can be created for your home, customized to your exact specifications so that they meet the needs of your family. Do you need shelves made for your bathroom? Are you interested in creating a wet bar for your enjoyment? Would having cabinets made specifically for your kitchen satisfy a long held desire? It’s time to get the built-ins you’ve always wanted with Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center’s help.

 Shelving created as wine storage.

Types of Built-In Shelves

Are you wondering about the types of built-in shelves we create for our clients? Wonder no more! Here are types of custom shelves we’ve built:

We can install custom cabinets in any area of your home, including your kitchen and bathroom, or even your living rooms, dining room, home office, ... Read More

Compact Shower Remodel: Peeling to Perfect

Posted: Monday, December 28th 2015 in Remodeling

We are often called by frustrated homeowners who have had enough with an outdated bathroom that they are embarrassed by. When people visit, the door has always been closed off. Guests are told to use another powder room. Frequently these bathrooms are characterized by an outdated linoleum floor, an unflattering shower color, and a color palette that has seen better decades. In this particular instance, this bathroom was characterized by all three! 

The Before: A Bel Air, Maryland Bathroom

This very small 3/4 bathroom featured an alcove shower that did not sit flush with the wall. The original installer didn’t complete a thorough seal of the area where the wall met the shower—as shown in the picture. The showerhead was not functionally ideal, since there are now models that allow for the adjustable head to be at body height instead of awkwardly high. The outdated yellow ceramic on the showerhead didn’t help!

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Black & White Kitchens

Posted: Monday, December 21st 2015 in Remodeling

When choosing how you will be remodeling your kitchen, the color palette is a crucial choice. It is risky to make a choice that’s too trendy because history shows us that trends don’t last—think pink tile from the eighties. When creating the kitchen of your dreams, it is best to stick to neutrals, and we love a kitchen that embraces both black and white in its color scheme.

Contemporary But Classic

The choice of black and white as a color palette allows for a sleek contemporary look that is still classic and does not depart far from interior design standards. Some great ways to use black and white in your kitchen include:

  • Black cabinets with white countertops
  • White drawers with black drawer pulls
  • White cabinets with black cooktops 
  • White table with black barstools

By choosing black and white as your primary colors, you can highlight certain parts of your kitchen using pops of colors. You ... Read More

Choosing Bathroom Tile

Posted: Monday, December 14th 2015 in Remodeling

If your bathroom was last remodeled when pink tile was fashionable or it just doesn't feel like the relaxing room that you wish it was, a change of bathroom tile can make all the difference. Bathroom tiles have many jobs they perform, from protecting your walls from water to providing a waterproof surface for your shower, but just because they are functional does not mean that they can't look good too!

There are a range of tiles that are suitable for bathroom use that protect elements from water and also add style to your space. We off a great array of these tiles and we’ll go over your options here.

Bathroom Tile Options

Bath, Kitchen & Tile Center offer a range of tile options that will work in your bathroom. Here are some of the options you may want to consider when tiling your space:

  • Ceramic Tiles - There are two main ... Read More

Add a Bench To Your Walk-In Shower

Posted: Monday, November 23rd 2015 in Remodeling

Are you planning a bathroom remodel now or in the near future? Does your dream remodel include a shower where you can spend your time luxuriously? Have you suffered a knee or back injury in your past that still makes standing for long periods, particularly in the shower, uncomfortable? Well adding a bench to your walk-in shower is a chic, attractive way to give yourself a place to sit during your shower while increasing ease of use.


Built-in benches are a popular feature among women who find themselves frustrated by the inability to shave their legs without slipping around the shower. The benefits of a bench are that you can sit and shave more easily. Either way, you have more access and decrease your risk of slipping. 

Shower seat 

Also called a shower seat, a buit-in bench allows for utility for ... Read More

Glass Light Fixtures For Your Kitchen

Posted: Wednesday, November 18th 2015 in Remodeling

Are you trying to find a way to make your kitchen feel truly yours without risking devaluing it during a future resale? Finding the right glass light fixture to represent your family is the way to go! Evocative of classic Tiffany lamps or the more recent glass sculptures of Chihuly, a glass light fixture can bring warmth to your home while also serving as functional art.

Get in touch with Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center to explore your glass light fixture options by filling out a contact form or calling us at 800-282-8656. 

How to Use Colorful Glass Light Fixtures

This Newark, Delaware home wanted modern stainless steel appliances, with corresponding stainless steel drawer and cabinet pulls. They also chose countertops that remained a largely neutral tan with a variety of dark brown and black markings in the marble. Each of these choices meant that a colorful glass light fixture would make ... Read More

Remodeling Your Hardware for a Minimalist Modern Home

Posted: Tuesday, October 27th 2015 in Remodeling

When it comes to your home, it is frequently true that classic is trendy. When looking at trends in hardware over the last few years, though there are options that have highlighted gold and bronze, we find that a modern, minimalist look is always in style.

In both kitchen and bathroom hardware, we are seeing a movement toward a sleek, contemporary look. This can be accomplished by choosing stainless steel, cylindrical hardware. Sleek rods without any flourishes on the end are a great way to stay both classic and modern at the same time.


Minimalist Bathroom Hardware for Homes in DE, MD, PA, and NJ

When updating your bathroom hardware, there are an array of hardware options that need to be considered. Your faucet is a major feature in your bathroom, standing out from your countertop and mirror. A stainless steel faucet provides a focal point and allows for a seamless design.

Mounted hardware, like your ... Read More

Design Trend: Add Luxury With a Rain Shower Head

Posted: Wednesday, October 14th 2015 in Remodeling

Looking to add a lavish feeling to your current shower? By incorporating a rain shower head, you get all the benefits of being caught in a summer rain storm, while being able to specialize water temperature, pressure, and spray width. While it is a fashionable choice to add to any bathroom, the rewards are so much more than just aesthetic appeal!

Fill out our contact form or call us at 800-282-8656 to find out more about this deluxe bathroom trend.

Why Choose a Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center Rain Shower Head?

Rain shower heads make a great addition to any bathroom to make spending time in the shower a more enjoyable experience. Ideal for relaxation, the rain shower head can be incorporated into a whole spa experience with multiple jets to improve your entire shower.

Instead of the traditional cone shape, rain shower heads provide a much larger area for water to spray. ... Read More